Here’s some client feedback on my sessions and classes. This is why I love what I do. The appreciation is mutual!


“Getting my chart read by Amy felt like a relief. She gave me a deeper understanding of my current discomfort, an idea of what this specific period of time is asking of me, and helped clarify what action I might take to help bring myself peace. After feeling stuck in a number of ways in my life, her insights were a tremendous gift.

Amy is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. Her joy for and love of what she does is so apparent. Her ability to explain my chart in a coherent and interesting way really engaged me from the start and I felt safe — like I was with a trusted confidante. I think a session with Amy is a great gift to give yourself. I’m so grateful for the information and insight she provided. It will inform me for years to come. I can’t recommend her enough.”
- V.H., Boulder, CO

“I had a lot of fun with Amy in doing my chart reading and my children’s. She was able to highlight aspects in my personal chart that led me to several “Aha!” moments about who I am, what I’m dealing with, and how to move forward in the areas I was feeling stuck in.

I took away a renewed sense of understanding and patience for my children. Amy offers inspiring ideas that you can apply to your every day life in a practical way. I felt not only had I had an astrological reading, but also a session with a caring coach who is committed to helping others become more of who they are meant to be.

Since the reading I’ve been able to get some much needed clarity in my personal life, my love life, my relationship with my children, and my career goals.”
- Y.V., East Meadow, NY

“I feel unstuck, have hope, and feel like I can breathe again.”
- L.C., Ann Arbor, MI


“I consider it a true blessing and privilege to experience my first-ever reading with Amy. The thoughtfulness and care she exhibited during our session put me at great ease. Her insights were extremely valuable in helping me understand my past, present, and potential for my future at a deeper level.”
- R.E., Los Angeles, CA

“My individual chart reading with Amy was so insightful and powerful! I've thought about what she shared with me every day since our meeting and am finding it tremendously helpful. I am a total beginner to astrology and I gained so much from meeting Amy. She interpreted my chart simply and directly and gave me a workable understanding of evolutionary astrology. I have already recommended her to close friends and will continue to do so. She's a charm.”

“I really appreciated Amy’s insightfulness around my chart and how it related to real life. She is very passionate about this and it comes across in the reading! Also, after completing the reading I felt empowered to move forward on things I had questions on.”
- M.B., Atlanta, GA


“Amy connects with me at my core and gets right to the heart of my true essence. She communicates exactly what I need to hear. She shares her compassion and wisdom. Prolific counselor and spiritual guide!”
- B.R., Winchester, VA

“Amy was amazing — one of the best readings I have ever received! Highly recommend just to get any insights on how you can improve yourself.”
- R.L., New York, NY

“I walked away from the reading feeling like I’d been given permission to own who I am and not to apologize for it. It also reinforced and clarified a number of things for me. I know what to look out for in the future and what I need to work on. This reading gave me a road map! I’m sure I’ll be enlisting Amy to do more readings for me in the future.”
- E.O., New York, NY

“I found Amy to be very patient and present during my reading. She helped me see that I have overcome quite a lot and now have the ability to move forward in a loving and compassionate way.”
- H.N., Santa Fe, New Mexico


“I feel safe reading Amy’s reflections and appreciate the guidance. I am gently drawn back into my past, I get grounded in the present, and I envision a future with an adjusted perspective full of hope and wonder. It’s really quite amazing. I’m hooked on my daily Amy meditation.”
- J.D., Philadelphia, PA

“I had never had my chart read and this was so interesting and insightful. Amy was incredibly proficient and warm. I would highly recommend her if you are in need of some guidance or are simply curious about your chart. Her care and gift truly show in her readings.”
- P.R., Los Angeles, CA

“The reading cleared up a lot of internal questions I had. It also provided a comforting message while helping me understand myself. Definitely worth the reading!”
- C.F., Queens, NY


“Amy has the most calming voice and energy! She has such a wealth of knowledge about astrology, and her interpretations are so on point. I felt like she knew my actual life story. Amy gives you permission to heal and grow without any judgment. She gives you guidance on how to handle, deal, and heal.

I felt relief, rejuvenation, and empowerment. And most of all, hearing Amy speak about astrology in such a personalized way for me was so incredibly juicy and interesting! I couldn’t stop saying, “Woooooohhhhow”, because it really felt like magic.

I went to Amy after becoming engaged, and she matched up my chart with my partner’s. It’s like she had a window into our relationship no one’s ever seen. She really gave me a lot of insight and compassion into my partner’s personality and how to understand and articulate my needs instead of acting them out unhealthily. She also helped pick a perfect wedding date for our marriage. I’ve gone back to Amy for guidance regarding how to handle certain career decisions, too.

I strongly recommend Amy’s services for anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding on who they are, what their place is in the world, or even if you just need guidance on how to handle a specific event at work. Thank you, Amy!”
- M.G., Brooklyn, NY


“I think what Amy does is amazing because it comes from great knowledge and sensitivity, but most importantly it comes from love. I felt love when Amy did my chart. And that’s why it was so meaningful to me.”
- V.B., Modena, Italy

“It was amazing to have my chart read by Amy, along with my son’s chart. Amy is kind, warm, fun, and compassionate. I learned ways to find balance from Amy, so I can be a positive force in my life. I encourage anyone to have your birth chart read — you will have fun, be validated, and learn so much about yourself! Amy is great company to keep and you will enjoy your experience.”
- C.R., Queens, NY

“My reading with Amy couldn’t have happened at a better time. She was thorough, giving, and has a calming bedside manner. I would recommend her every time. :) "
- C.W., Brooklyn, NY

“As an astrology student and new mother, I was overwhelmed with the different ways to look at my baby’s chart, potentials in our relationship together and his relationship with his dad (in addition to everything else that can be looked at). Amy’s webinar helped me narrow down techniques and focus my approach when looking at my son’s chart, and I found the anecdotes to be so relatable and helpful. This webinar provided constructive ways to reframe how I look at what needs might be expressed in a chart, how parent relationships may play out and what might be going on internally for my child at different points in his life. And as an often exhausted and exasperated mom, it is so much more encouraging to look at his natal chart, transits or progressions for clues into behaviors rather than thinking my kid is trying to kill me. :) 

In addition to all of the super helpful information, Amy’s delivery was so authentic and heartfelt, it was hard not to get emotional! I highly recommend!”
- P.Y., Brooklyn, NY