Composite photo of Venus by NASA.

Composite photo of Venus by NASA.


Which reading should I choose as a Newbie?

We can figure that out together if you're not sure! Many readings are a hodge-podge of the different readings I offer. I like to ask clients what they're hoping to gain or learn, and that shapes the reading. A reading can be helpful for framing different things: Past significant events, current situation, meaningful relationships, opportunities for healing and success. It really depends on what you want to understand or how you're hoping to move forward. Your curiosity and situation right now really determine what we discuss. But a safe bet is to choose the Individual Reading, and reach out to me with what you'd like to discuss. I'm flexible!

Where do the readings take place?

In-person readings are either at my home in Queens, NY or yours (if you live within a 20-or-so-minute drive or subway/bus ride). I'm accessible by the E or F subway or the LIRR Kew Gardens railroad station. Long-distance readings are by phone or Skype.

How long is a reading?

A reading is generally an hour to an hour and a half, depending on your conversation stamina. :) If you would like a shorter reading or readings over time to build a habit, there is also half-hour option. See what fits your needs and budget.

Will I be provided with anything after the reading?

You'll get a copy of your birth chart and a recording of the session. Some clients take notes during the reading. If you have follow-up questions over time, you might like the Ask Amy written option later. 

How often should I have readings?

That depends on how much you want to know! A yearly check-in is helpful after a natal chart reading so we can discuss where you are now and how you can work with the natural opportunities of the year ahead. If you want to improve a specific area of your life over time (relationships, parenting, work, finances, health, etc.) you may want shorter, more frequent readings. Or you can go the one-and-done route if you are just curious about your birth chart. It's totally up to you!

But I'm Catholic (or Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Atheist, etc.)...

So am I! This isn't really a question, but it's a statement I hear a lot. I can understand the hesitation. I happen to think astrology integrates well with religion: Mystics in every faith tradition look to the natural world and within themselves for inspiration and a connection to the divine. But I promise I'm not here to challenge or replace your faith or beliefs. Astrology is simply a tool. It works with my faith to help me be brave, kind, hopeful, and sane. It helps me stand outside myself and connect better with both the people I love and the people I might not love but still have to deal with. It helps me feel more confident and see an action I can take right now. It attunes me to the opportunity and blessings of the moment, just like poetry, art or music can. If you're happy with your faith but can still use some inspiration or guidance, I invite you to try a reading. (If you have no faith tradition, that's cool, too! :) ) Basically, all are welcome. I don't want to change you. I only want to help you find your greatest peace and power.

Do you really believe in astrology? Isn't it fake?

I don't have a good answer for this one, mostly because I still don't know how to define astrology.

I don't consider it a belief system; I don't consider it a science, either, in that no astrology session can be replicated exactly by another astrologer or even by the same astrologer at a different time. So what is it? For me it's a lot of things. It's a tool for connecting with myself, God, or another human being and making sense of the unfolding of life over time. It's a language to describe the human experience, which is at once unique and diverse yet also in many ways shared. It's a spiritual practice of searching and noticing. It's an imaginative process of relating the inner or personal experience and life cycles with the outer, physical world and universal myths and archetypes.

I think that becoming truly good at astrology takes time, study and endless curiosity and reverence for mystery. The astrologers I admire most approach the work with intelligence, kindness, humility and integrity, combining what they've learned with what they see in the moment in the person before them. In my experience, astrology isn't fake: It's helpful and illuminating. But it's important to find an astrologer you trust, who'll explore the questions that matter most to you and honor the work you've already done to understand yourself.