On Parenting Using Astrology

I was with a mom recently who said something I think most new parents can relate to: "I just want to teach her everything, and I don’t want to screw her up!"

We’ll probably all screw up our kids somehow, and screw up other people’s kids while we’re at it. I’ve been at this Mom Game for only ten years, so I’m certainly no expert. But one saving grace I’ve received from astrology is the insight that I don’t actually have to teach Lyndon everything. There will be things he needs to know that I’ll be extremely good at teaching him. There will be things I know that he won’t ever have to learn. And there will be things he needs to know that other people can teach him. Thank God — that takes a tiny bit of the pressure off!

I actually think that family members teach each other, and with a little humility and awareness, we develop together into the people we’re meant to be. Knowing Lyndon’s birth chart very much tailors the way that I parent him. I’m raising an Aquarius boy with a Libra Moon and Pisces rising. His Moon and rising signs, as well as the rest of his chart, are really important information for me as his mom. But if you’re not all that into astrology, even knowing just the Sun sign can help.

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