The Gemini Moon, or Now We Can All Be Joe Biden

At 8:15 a.m. E.D.T. the moon enters Gemini. At 3:44 p.m. will be the Gemini New Moon.

I’m calling this one the Joe Biden New Moon.

This week when I was pondering positive Gemini qualities – versatility, humor, fascination, youthfulness – Joe Biden memes kept creeping into my mind. Joe Biden cracking jokes, Joe Biden finding change and showing us, Joe Biden really seeing that second ice cream cone.

Joe Biden is a Scorpio, but he has two planets in Gemini – Saturn and Uranus. So he can be the elder and the awakener when it comes to the Gemini agenda. Watching Joe eat ice cream makes me really want to eat ice cream. Seeing Joe crack up makes me wish I heard the joke. His ability to interact with the moment elevates the moment and turns it into something worth seeing for the rest of us.

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On Mars in Gemini, or Why am I so Cranky???

“Peace at any price is war.”

I try to welcome peace into my life and relationships, using a mishmash of religion, philosophy, psychology and Astrology. But how I think I’m doing doesn’t always jibe with how others think I’m doing. A few weeks ago, in the delicate, deliberate language of a husband trying to avoid landmines, Lang hinted that I wasn’t succeeding. He pointed out that I had been very, very cranky lately. Exasperated himself, he asked me, “What do you need??!”

I honestly didn’t know what I needed. But I knew he was right. I was cranky. I had been snapping at him and Lyndon for a couple of weeks. I knew I was feeling stuck and wanted more freedom, but I didn’t know exactly what that meant in terms of actions to take. I just felt a compelling need to stand more on my own.

Suddenly it hit me: It was time to stop seeing my therapist.

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