The Blessing and the Wound: Jupiter Square Pluto

In the past day two people I was casually talking to spontaneously burst into tears. All of a sudden they realized how overwhelmed they were. They needed to cry it out with someone. 

On Friday, Jupiter will make a final waning square aspect to Pluto. Usually I write about the cycle between the sun and the moon, but the slower-moving planets have cycles, too. The cycle between Jupiter and Pluto occurs over a period of about 12 ½ years. The current cycle started in December 2007 and will end in the Spring of 2020.   

What does this all mean? Symbolically, Jupiter represents expansion, blessings, risk, wisdom, and the confidence to reach our potential. Pluto represents our deepest wounds and the empowerment that comes from facing a monster or walking through hell. Their conjunction in 2007 represented a melding of these themes for the next 12 years: Empowerment through risk and expansion; wisdom through truth, change, death and rebirth. But in the sign of Capricorn, it wasn’t the easiest task. This was going to take doing the right thing over time, with persistence, maturity, commitment, and maybe more solitude than we actually wanted.  

Over the next few days we might feel especially sensitive to these energies: We can be overwhelmed by the wound, the overextension, or the work and loneliness. 

But today’s Sagittarius moon can help us draw meaning and find patterns in this cycle. What was happening for you around December of 2007? Can you see what you've accomplished or overcome since then? Can you appreciate how you've gown and changed?  

Now Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of balance, diplomacy, partnership. We might feel especially attuned to the wounds we're received at the hands of others. If those feelings come up, acknowledge them. Share them. But also see the faces of the people who have helped you through experiences of hell in the past 10 years. You haven't been as alone as you sometimes felt. Notice how much of your empowerment has been aided by the right partners and the right balancing tools – whether art, meditation, prayer, program, etc. 

Take time to fill your own cup over the next few days so these energies don't deplete you. And know that you might come face-to-face with someone else's unprocessed wounds. Give the help you can while honoring your own peace and healing, too. And if in that help or healing is a difficult Goodbye, I wish you strength and peace.    

(Moon trine sun 4:44 a.m. EDT. Moon square Neptune in Pisces 11:43 a.m. Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra 6:54 p.m.)