Finding Stillness in Our Name: The Taurus New Moon

I hadn’t been sure what to write about Tuesday’s New Moon in Taurus. It was significantly less earthy than last year’s. Last year Venus and Mercury joined the sun and moon in Taurus, and six out of the ten major planetary bodies were in earth signs. The message had been clearer then: Return to the earth, return to the body. Communicate love and simplicity in your words and find stillness in your heart and relationships. But Tuesday’s new moon message was modified by some jittery energies: Mercury and Uranus in Aries and Mars in Gemini. It didn’t feel quite so comforting, and I didn’t know what to make of that. So in Taurus fashion, I stayed quiet and took it slowly.

Then I saw this poem on the subway, and it suddenly clicked. Like Eve, part of us is longing to be comforted right now. Somehow the upheavals of life have left us uneasy, and we’re longing to hear our own name.

I thought back on the days since Tuesday, and all the Taurus blessings that had come my way: A plant from my boss, a vegan dessert from my coworkers, a hug from a cousin I happened to pass on the street, the money clients were willing to pay me for astrology readings, a car wash from my guys, a seat on the subway, this poem. I had gotten so many Taurus clues in just a few days that I was part of a bigger group, and I mattered. Each one amazed me a little before I could let the comfort sink in.

I wonder if this Taurus new moon is asking us not just to be comforted but also to be shocked by the messages of love around us. The blessings and clues that we see over time can show us our own name in case we’ve forgotten – or in case we just don’t know. It’s possible to see ourselves in a whole new light, and to let compassion wash over us wherever we find it. But we can also seek new expressions and new perceptions, a new group if we’ve outgrown the old. It’s time to integrate our heightened intuition with the feelings we get in our gut.

I hope you can find stillness in the days ahead in nature, art, food, music, touch, luxury, silence, and love. I’m sure you’ll find ways to pay that goodness forward. Maybe you’ve been delightfully hearing the sound of your own name, but if you haven’t, keep listening. It will come to you eventually. In the end you might just come up with the best one yourself.