Libra Full Moon

This is an especially juicy Full Moon, and there are so many aspects involved that I wasn't even sure I wanted to tackle it. But I did feel moved to write about one particular aspect: This Full Moon's connection with the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter has been in the sign of Libra since September 9, 2016. It’s been calling us to stretch more in Libran areas – relationships, art, balance, beauty, peace. Jupiter traditionally gives us blessings, and maybe we’ve felt luckier in those areas. But as Steven Forrest says, Jupiter always asks us “How am I underestimating myself?” Jupiter has been asking us to take risks in these areas and not just settle.

How have you been doing? I’ll tell you how I’ve been doing: Mensa mens'. Así así. I've been writing more, meeting more interesting people, and reading for more clients. Those are all reasons to celebrate. And yet, I'm exhausted by this new pace and I can't stop eating Tostitos. The other side of Jupiter is expansiveness. Jupiter brings more. And while I think I'm hearing the Jupiter message, I'm not sure about the Libran side of it. I find myself swinging back and forth more than achieving balance and peace. Fights with my Mom and husband have brought messages that I'm too judgmental and too generous with people to the point where I overextend myself -- both negative Jupiter traits. At the time of course, they were wrong. I’m just the right amount of judgmental and it’s OK to be generous with people. Plus, isn't calling me judgmental a judgment? During this time, we can be the suboptimal face of Jupiter in Libra, breezily caught in a loop of our own opinions.

The brightness of the full moon is associated with seeing things more clearly if we take time to reflect. While the new moon marks a beginning, the full moon marks an ending. It gives us an opportunity to release what doesn’t serve our highest good. That invitation to look backwards and within is echoed by Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, all retrograde right now.

Which relationships bring peace and which relationships require keeping peace at a price? Which messages are from the gods and which are just tricksters? Which blessings and victories are true and which are a false gold that we’ve settled for? Are we working toward the right achievements or just exhausting ourselves? These are all issues at play during this full moon. You can pick one or tackle them all, but if you recognize that you can release something that you’ve grown beyond, I invite you to set that intention tonight.

My Mom and Lang were both right, and the behaviors they pointed out have kept me from inner and outer peace and connection, both during this Jupiter in Libra period and throughout my life. I didn’t want to hear those messages or have those fights. But reflecting on their words and messages today, I can see that they carried love, concern, and wisdom. I had to step away from my ego to see it.

I don’t know how quickly I can change but at least I know I have more than this moon cycle to try. Even by October 10th, the end of this Jupiter in Libra cycle, I might not be able to fully release those habits. But at least I’m more aware of them now, and I can start.

The moon’s goals of love and safety underlie its qualities of introspection, imagination, emotion and change. So as you consider what you may start to let go of this full moon, try to imagine changes and risks that will help you feel safer in your own skin eventually. The goal is not self-judgment but self-release and permission to succeed. And please infuse your intentions with love and appreciation for yourself – a feeling of how important you are right now, and how far you’ve already come.

(Full moon at 21°32’ Libra at 2:08 a.m. EDT 4/11/17)