Aries New Moon

by Jennifer Alexandro

Sending everyone New Moon blessings. If you like, I invite you to welcome tonight's New Moon (10:57 p.m. EDT) with a ritual, ceremony, prayer or intentions. There are so many good resources out there with New Moon ceremony ideas as well as information about today's New Moon in Aries. (Here's just one, by an astrologer I know and admire, Virginia Bell:

To mark the occasion I wanted to share a painting by my sister-in-law, Jennifer Alexandro. The Aries New Moon invites us both into total darkness and fire for a moment. In the hours before, we can reflect on what we are ready to leave behind for the benefit of our own survival. And we can look forward. What have we forged within that can now help ourselves and others? What new habits, emotions and ways of loving and relating can we brave in mystery until they are fully realized? Is there an Aries message in our being and the way we nurture that can be strengthened or adjusted? Are we called to be the pioneer, the warrior, a benevolent leader, or something more precious, delicate and new? Take a moment to imagine how a healthy ego looks to you: Can you incorporate more reflection, kindness, and imagination into your being at this moment? Can you integrate the balance and support of the universe with the boldness, courage and fire within you? Maybe you already have! Can you now come forward to inspire others?

Both the new moon and Aries carry the energies of possibility yet vulnerability. It's not easy to be first. It's not easy to advance in darkness. If you'd like, take a look at where today's new moon falls in your chart to see the individual messages it has for you (7°Ar37'). Only you know what courage will look like for you. As for me, I'm going to try to release a little control from my Aries Ascendant and natal moon. I invited Lang and Lyndon to create a ritual for us tonight to welcome the New Moon energy. I don't know if they'll do it. We might wind up on the couch watching House Hunters again like usual. But I'll try not to be the Astrology General of the house for a night, and wait with hope and gratitude instead, excited to see what emerges from this new space -- as wife, as mother, as me.