The Cancer moon changes to Leo: Take time to Love and create

Take time to be creative today. Take time to notice the ones you love. When I took these photos of Elena at our home this weekend, part of me thought, “Should Lang really be having Elena's baby dolls box each other?” But when I uploaded the photos this morning I saw how his silliness broke the ice and made her happy and comfortable.

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Gemini Moon

Today the moon is in Gemini. The Gemini moon can bring out the silly and funny. It can speed us up.

Maybe we do need a good laugh right now. That’s one way we can find comfort today. Also, moving and noticing: There’s something new we need to take in.

At the same time, the Gemini moon with a Cancer sun is poignant. This is a waning, last quarter moon -- marking endings in relationships and shared ritual as release.

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