Peace and power: The Pisces sun and Scorpio moon

Yesterday the sun joined Neptune and I hope in some way the fog lifted for you. I hope you have a broader sense of who you are.

Yesterday Mercury also joined Venus and I hope you got a glimpse of the love and beauty you’re here to give. I hope you could make peace with something that had been overwhelming you.

If you didn’t, or you haven’t, try today.

Today Mercury and Venus spend a final day in Pisces until next year. If your mind has taken on a script or your heart has let in a relationship that doesn’t reflect hope, sweetness, and the best of who you are, today you can release it. If you’re not ready or able to release it, try to see it with more freedom and space. It doesn’t define you. Your story is so much bigger.

The moon will enter Scorpio this morning, the sign of fixed water. Some of the emotional habits we’ve built up protect and strengthen us, and some just keep us stuck. Try to keep some flexibility today in your heart and mind so that emotions don’t overtake you, but instead help carry you through in peace and in power.

(Moon enters Scorpio 8:22 a.m. EST. Moon sextile Saturn 10:31 p.m.)

An honest talk about the Libra New Moon

Yesterday there was a Libra New Moon. The New Moon is a beginning. It’s customary to set intentions for the next 28 days until the next New Moon, as we go forward in hope. Libra is the sign of balance and relationship. If we just looked at that, it would be tempting to shroud ourselves in empty positivity. But this time, I’ve found myself unable to wish anyone a Happy New Moon.

This New Moon is unsettling. The sun and moon in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries. In an opposition we meet our other half. Sometimes it feels more “other” than “half.” Sometimes it’s more opponent than partner. Uranus itself symbolically makes things very uncomfortable. Uranus wants freedom and individuality. Aries is primed for a fight. Many of us are up against a sense of chaos, separation, or trauma we just can’t get around. How do we do this?

This is the fourth Libra New Moon to carry this theme in the past six years. Every two years we’ve faced this opposition: September 2011, October 2013, October 2015 and now today. Can you find any common threads in those times?

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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it... The Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus

If an aspect happens while we’re sleeping, does it still impact our day?

The moon joined Venus at 12:05 this morning. I was in bed. When I woke up and saw that it happened, I almost didn’t write about it. But then I thought about the child who gives her allowance or lemonade-stand money to the family whose house has burned down. It’s not a top news priority. But maybe we need to hear about it, too.  

Two symbols of love, kindness and connection came together last night.

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Relationships and Happiness Review Time: Venus square Jupiter

Today Venus makes a closing square to Jupiter. This is a releasing aspect of a cycle that began with the conjunction August 27th of last year in Virgo and will end and begin again when they join on November 13th in Scorpio.

Now there’s a feeling of tension. Money is tight. Maybe we don’t feel so secure right now. We probably feel overextended. 

When these symbols come together, relationships, inner peace, and money combine with risk, reaching, and faith.

How does the last year measure up to your ideal? 

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Shining from Within and Somewhere over the Rainbow: The New Moon in Leo

Happy Leo New Moon!

I was sitting at the dining room table this morning with my laptop open, looking at the New Moon chart and trying to collect my thoughts when Lang joined me. We started chatting. He started singing “New Moon” in a teasing falsetto to the tune of Blue Moon. Then he put on his headphones to give me some space. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him get up to fix himself breakfast. Finally he blew his nose loudly, the boom of a ship’s horn. This wasn’t working. I gathered my things to write in a different room.

With today’s New Moon the sun, moon and Mars line up in Leo. This symbolizes selfhood, emotions and action stirred up to create, to organize, to express. So what might make that difficult?

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How Deep is Your Love? The Moon in Pisces

When the moon is in Pisces, our heart needs some time at the ocean. We need to feel oneness with something infinite and all-encompassing. We need to be inspired. Why would we need to return to that vast ocean right now? Either we’ve forgotten it’s there at all or we haven’t gone as deeply as we can go.

And also, we live on earth with people.

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Libra Moon

The moon is in the sign of Libra today.

With Libra we meet questions of compromise. Do we need to compromise more? Have we compromised too much? Libra seeks peace through balance, fairness, equality. Where we have Libra in our birth charts we’re especially sensitive to this. We can all be a little cranky if we think we’re getting the short end of the stick.

Try to even the scales today. 

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