Going forward too during Venus retrograde

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Venus has been retrograde in Scorpio since October 5th. Venus retrogrades in a sign every eight years. Venus retrograde periods are opportunities to achieve greater ease within and a greater connection to others by turning our attention inwardly and by revisiting the past. Venus symbolizes our ability to recognize and reflect beauty, peace, and love; Scorpio allows us to penetrate the truth and unlock a power that’s been dormant or repressed.

What energies have your relationships recently been reflecting back to you? Which themes from the past have resurfaced? How have your interactions revealed unconscious patterns or shown you your own transformation over time?

The Capricorn moon joined the same degree as Pluto this morning, connecting our emotional state to this Venus retrograde period. It can feel heavy and deep. And yet today’s first quarter moon symbolically also compels us forward.

If you’d like, at some point today reflect on how you’ve been changing and why. Maybe the dates from the past 8 Venus in Scorpio retrograde cycles will help you; maybe something else you come across will. Love and relationships are so complex; we awkwardly but so sincerely attempt this dance of truly being seen. Give yourself some credit and some time.

Fight, freedom, and helping: Mars square Uranus under a Virgo sun

“Black Bird” by Benny Andrews

“Black Bird” by Benny Andrews

Today Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. This is a closing square that relates to their conjunction or joining in Aries in late February 2017.

Mars square Uranus is a stressful energy. I’m gonna be real with you. This one stumped me, because I always read the sky as a message from a God who loves us. Why would we ever need more stress???

Virgo season is about doing the best we can in the human condition. Discriminating how we can do better and be useful to each other here on earth. Today’s moon/Pluto conjunction symbolizes that it’s time for some deeper reflection.

Think about your effort and progress over the last year and a half. Is there any resource or relationship you have now that you didn’t have or realize then? Think about all the scary things you’ve faced and survived. How has a group joined or supported you?

Today try to feel any love that has helped settle you and notice any progress in your personal fight. Unfortunately, it’s not over. But in some ways that’s actually a good thing, because what we’ve learned can now help others.

In the end, the fight was never really about just us.

Memories, needs, and emotions: Empowering your moon today



Today the moon makes a supportive, harmonious aspect to the sun. And I’m thinking of it as a chance for our emotional reactions to support and harmonize with our true selves.

Emotions are sticky and, at least in the symbolism of astrology, they're tied with needs. We all have different comfort levels with showing our neediness. With a natal Aries, 1st-house moon, emotions come quickly to me. I can’t give calm or rational voice to them right away, though. I envy that quality in sophisticated Libra moons. I’m more of a cavewoman. I get a hot feeling – my cheeks flush or my heart races – and I feel compelled to act. If I’m angry, you’ll immediately see it on my face. But even if I’m happy I’m likely to do something slightly aggressive like interrupt you, grab you, or move in way too closely. My eyes bulge and my smile tries to reach my ears. Sometimes I smile so forcefully that I displace my own jaw. I can be a little much.

People who love me, I hope, find this endearing. When I’m angry, they’re a little scared, but they cautiously hang in there like hostage negotiators, trying to help me voice my demands. When you have an Aries moon, needs do become immediate, internal demands. I’ve been helped by people who can show me a little patience while I work out what my heart is really demanding of me. Who can accept a little discomfort with me until my Sagittarius sun catches up to take a larger, more philosophical view. But I’ve also been shamed by people who didn’t accept this Aries energy in me. It made them uncomfortable. Sometimes for good reason – because I wasn’t considerate or skillful in what I expressed. But sometimes they were also just stuck in what was comfortable for them. Not everyone likes a confrontation or really exaggerated facial expressions.

The moon is connected with memories, and today’s Sagittarius moon can help you connect the dots between your childhood needs, environment, and emotions and your current emotional style. What is your emotional style? How did your caregivers express their feelings during crucial stages of your life? How did they respond to yours? How do the people in your day-to-day life respond to your emotions if and when you show them? What messaging around having and showing emotions have you absorbed from society regarding gender, race, religion, etc.? Does your response to and expression of your feelings fit who you now are?

If you know your natal chart, what are the qualities of your moon and how do they blend with the qualities of your sun? But even if you don’t, how do your feelings help or conflict with your ability to stay centered and shine?

The Leo sun and the Sagittarius moon today give us a unique opportunity to see and share more of our authentic selves, but the moon is private, protective, and vulnerable: Healthy emotional expression, like the phases of the moon, evolves over time and in stages. But if you’re ready and interested, slow yourself down to feel some of your own answers to these questions. We can be soothed and strengthened today if we look a little deeper at where we've been emotionally and personally and where we'd like to go.

Something to think about: Mercury conjunct Mars

Today Mercury and Mars join for the third time in four months and the last time until June 2019.

The final Mercury/Mars conjunction in July 2015 was in the sign of Cancer. Protective, security-minded Cancer fueled our mindset and actions for the last two years. The winning side of the US election understood that: Build the wall. Make America Great Again. A focus on country and safety resonated. Donald Trump’s natal Mercury is in Cancer. He was naturally suited to speak directly to these themes. He noticed them. He communicated them. Hillary Clinton’s “Better together” just didn’t connect to voters’ hearts as a motivator. It wasn’t emotional enough. Even if we voted for her, her speeches and slogans didn’t touch many of us enough to care beyond our own situations and loved ones. With her natal Mercury in Scorpio, she needed to go more deeply to actually move us with her words. She finally did in her concession speech, hours too late.

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The Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

What’s the symbolism of full moonlight being obstructed for almost two hours? Can that be a good thing? 

I notice my mind racing this morning. I saw some aggressive and unpredictable driving during my commute. Maybe we can all benefit from a moment to chill. 

The full moon can be unsettling. We can feel separated from what we hoped for during the new moon. We can see what hasn't come to pass. We can see what's out of our control.  

What's behind all of our emotion today? The eclipse gives us an opening for shadow work. The shadow of the Leo sun includes pride, stubbornness, arrogance, hiding, or ego. In the shadow of the Aquarius moon lies rigidity, defiant isolation, mob mentality, or complete detachment: “Who cares? Whatever. I’m over it. I give up." Even the earth has a shadow: sacrificing our essence and imagination to what’s practical or day-to-day, forgetting to reach and dream. 

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To Fight or Not to Fight? And How and Why? The Aries Moon Today

So today there’s some tension in the sky. Hmmm. Will we experience that as drama or fights or can we hold two truths at once, even if at first they seem to contradict each other?

After the moon squared Pluto this morning I had a dream my godchildren were getting the death penalty for a crime they didn’t commit. I was desperate to save them. I just kept asking their mother, “But what can we DO??!!”

That Protective Warrior in me was trying to find some control. There was a faceless authority I couldn’t get around. It was out of my hands. But was it?

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I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take it Anymore

Right before I woke up this morning, as the moon was crossing the Aquarius south node, I had a dream that I was heading to stand in line at a store. Two other women were coming from different directions, but I got there first. They were friends. They started talking about me and decided to cut in front of me, because they thought they should be there instead. They were younger. I don’t know if that’s important but I noticed it. For a moment I thought maybe they should be first. Maybe I did cut them. But then I thought, Screw this. And I cut them right back. They both started telling me off and I erupted. “LISTEN, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR INTENTIONS WERE. WE WERE BOTH HEADING HERE AND I HUSTLED. I GOT HERE FIRST. SO I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR SHIT.” They were stunned. They stayed quiet. I turned back around and wondered if I had overdone it. Then my alarm rang and I woke up.

I didn’t realize I was so angry, or given to using sports phrasing in my dreams. “I hustled”?

The last hours of the Aquarius moon give us a chance to erupt if we need to. We all have some wound of being the outsider, of being overlooked, of being overpowered. And we’re probably more angry about it than we realize. 

If we can bring some of that emotion to the surface intentionally and claim some of our power back, we can avoid displacing our anger. And we can avoid some of the lower possibilities of the upcoming Pisces moon: Feeling like a martyr, or just drifting or escaping into something that doesn’t actually spiritually feed us.

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