Positive Psychology

This was published in 2014, but I just found it. I had to share these helpful tips regarding how to be happier:


Among ways found by researchers to increase happiness:

  • Engaging in activities that draw on your strengths

  • Positive feelings: through mindfulness, gratitude

  • Activities requiring skill and focus

  • “Applying your strengths… to something outside yourself to create meaning in life”

There’s a vote for us to watch one less show on Netflix tonight…. But the moon is in Pisces, so no promises!

Be as you are, do what you can: Grand trine in earth

Today there’s a harmonious grand trine in the earth element: The moon and Uranus in Taurus, the sun in Virgo, and Saturn in Capricorn.

It's a good day to lose yourself in a task. Take a break from overthinking or drama. Let your senses soak up beauty and pleasure – a taste, a view, a hug.  Feel the satisfaction of stillness or productivity. In Italian there’s an expression, “lavoro ben fatto” – a job done well. It’s connected with honor and pride: Putting time and effort into the details; devotion to the craft itself.

Today enter that space, away from the crowd or noise: Just as you are. Simply do your best.