A message from your past or your heart

The sun is in Virgo and the moon is in Aquarius all day today and tomorrow. Sometimes that combo happens once a year; this year it will happen twice: 8/23-26 and 9/19-22 EDT.

The planets that rule Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus, are both retrograde now. During next month’s Virgo sun/Aquarius moon cycle, when both Mars and Saturn are direct, we can aim and accomplish more. But this cycle critically comes first, turning some of our energy back and within, reminding us what we’re made of. 

The Aquarius moon can feel electric. We might be a little more chatty and wired. Ideas come to us, or they come to someone else, and they can challenge our sense of order and routine. Yesterday I had two long phone conversations with friends – something I never do anymore. Now I just text or make plans. But there was something nostalgic about sitting in one place for a while, talking to friends I couldn’t see. It reminded me of the times I could claim the phone as the youngest child in our busy home -- settling into the most secluded spot I could find that the telephone cord could reach. I have a quiet house now, with three people instead of seven. I don’t have to share my phone, and I can take it wherever I want. But this morning I miss the sounds of Ted playing the piano and Dave bouncing a ball. One day I’ll miss the sight of 11-year old Lyndon, wearing earbuds, rifling through cupboards for a snack.

Aquarian energy can be hard to just sit with, but if you can, try, and notice what you appreciate, too.

Some disruptions fill our hearts. Some experiences or loved ones become us -- a little more messy and complicated, but a lot more blessed and whole.