Saturn stations direct: When it's hard to get to work

Mercury entered Virgo last night and this morning I found myself just a little bit more distracted – by the Tostitos I ate last night, the moth flying around my head, Lang’s conversation upstairs with Google Home, punctuated by beeps. “Google, set the alarm for 6 a.m.” Beep. “OK.” Beep. “Thank you.” Beep. “I’m here to help.”

It’s a little hard to quiet my critical mind. “Why DID you eat all those Tostitos?” “There go my wool sweaters.” “Why does he have to have such long conversations with a gadget?”

The pace may be picking up around us – our schedule, responsibilities – or at least calling for more structure after the summer. Saturn stations direct this morning after five months of retrograde motion. We could be feeling antsy to get something going that’s important to us. But we probably don’t live alone in a cave. So our own agenda can come right up against some outside circumstance or some other person. How do we adjust but still honor that inner boss?

The moon enters Leo this morning at 9:54 and a critical inner voice could combine with a fiery mood. Try to remember that you do have time and options, and we’re all somehow in the same boat. You could help someone who’s overly stressed. You could bring a creative solution to someone who’s stuck, even if that person is you.

Try not to only see the task you’re attempting. Mercury in Virgo can show us the annoyances but it can also show us the helpers. This morning I couldn’t immediately tell the difference. Now, after some effort, I can.

What do you really believe?


Today the moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, quest, meaning, and expansion. Sagittarius is the sign opposite Gemini, and the two help each other: Gemini asking new questions, Sagittarius trying to connect the dots. When the moon is in a sign it can be a good opportunity to reflect and modulate.

I was reading that Elon Musk, the Chairman and CEO of Tesla, is stressed and exhausted by his work demands and schedule, which sometimes reaches 120 hours a week. There are only 168 hours in a week. That kind of singular focus helps us achieve something monumental. But it can also deplete us of joy and drive.

Steven Forrest links the low expression of Sagittarius to the phrase, “Sometimes wrong but never in doubt.” It’s hard for me to admit that side of Sagittarius. I have four planets in it. I only want to see the bright side of Sadge. But that quality of faith and being sure needs new information to stay honest and true. Sometimes I’m sure the next turn is a left until Lang points out it’s actually a right. Sometimes I’m sure I have no other options until my Mom asks, “Well what about…?” And sometimes I’m sure I’m failing at everything until Lyndon tells me I’m doing a great job and looks at me with a pained expression, knowing I just don’t see what he sees. In those moments it’s only because I love him and I want to show him how smart and sweet he is that I can even bring myself to try.

If you find yourself stressed and exhausted today, look to see if there’s something you’re overdoing just because you’ve become convinced that you should. If you’re bored or depleted, try to welcome a new adventure or a new vision that can just get you going.

The best of Sagittarius – faith, reaching, meaning, and hope – can come from inside us, but it can also come from outside. Sometimes the biggest risk we can take is to let in the input of those who know and love us best.

So try to be a little more open today. In a kind or quiet moment, you maybe, possibly, might just find the truth.


What haven't you been seeing? The Pisces Moon opposite Mercury

If you’ve been doing work that matters to you and hopefully helps others, too, today try to see how you haven’t been alone. Whose kindness has helped you plow through? Who was generous and flexible enough to sacrifice for you -- to make what’s important to you important to them?

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Shining from Within and Somewhere over the Rainbow: The New Moon in Leo

Happy Leo New Moon!

I was sitting at the dining room table this morning with my laptop open, looking at the New Moon chart and trying to collect my thoughts when Lang joined me. We started chatting. He started singing “New Moon” in a teasing falsetto to the tune of Blue Moon. Then he put on his headphones to give me some space. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him get up to fix himself breakfast. Finally he blew his nose loudly, the boom of a ship’s horn. This wasn’t working. I gathered my things to write in a different room.

With today’s New Moon the sun, moon and Mars line up in Leo. This symbolizes selfhood, emotions and action stirred up to create, to organize, to express. So what might make that difficult?

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Cancer Moon Feelings

I’m missing my guys this morning. I’m in Durham, learning more about the moon from Steven Forrest, surrounded by friends and other passionate astrologers I have yet to meet. I’m grateful to Steven for making yet another long trip to teach us. I love the class, I love exploring this city. Last night at the end of a Bulls baseball game I saw the longest, best-timed fireworks show I’d ever seen. Whenever it seemed like the end, more fireworks would show up for an extended encore.... The girl behind us screamed “This is the Best! Night! Ever!” I was so content to share that moment with a friend just minutes before the New Moon. But when I woke up in my hotel room this morning, I just missed my family.

I miss coffee in bed with Langston and a morning hug from Lyndon, all movement, excitement, and bones.

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Full Sagittarius Moon: Letting Go of What Limits Us

So much of this full moon symbolizes relationship. We’re being asked to look beyond what we might see as our personal failures or disappointments. The people we love and the world around us can give us clues on meaning and the next right action. What are you truly seeing? The same image that sends me into panic makes my husband think he's the luckiest man on the planet. I can think he's wrong or I can try to see what he sees and find the good news. Either things are better than I think or I have a husband who can love me anyway. 

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Moon in Cancer: Heightened Feelings

Today at 7:24 a.m. EDT the moon entered its own sign, Cancer. Cancer is the nurturer – the proverbial mother or grandmother who just wants to feed you. But Cancer is also the Crab. As Steven Forrest says, Cancer is learning to balance vulnerability with enough of a shell to protect itself. Cancer energy can be moody, overwhelmed by its own feelings and needs.

I’m on vacation with my family this weekend. I woke up to look at the chart of the day and write, facing the mountain views, but the four children soon joined me. The moon was still in Gemini, and they started telling me funny stories about school. There was a levity in the air, and for a half hour I just enjoyed the company and conversation – watching them wiggle or pace while they reminded me what a big deal it is when your teacher catches you chewing gum.

But after the moon changed signs I noticed I started getting cranky. I really wanted to be in silence and write. I remembered that I wanted to update my website. So I excused myself, but not before my husband asked me to get him a cup of coffee. Damn: I just wanted to do my own thing. But I knew that I could show him love today by feeding him, so I got him coffee. That was growth for me – keeping perspective and not snapping at him, which was how I felt in that moment. I could only see my own needs. Yet while I had been visiting with the kids, he had made the coffee. He’s often behind the scenes keeping the household going. He’s so efficient and capable that I forget to take care of him. His asking me to take care of him was growth for him, too.

Sometimes it’s helpful to look at your natal moon to see how the day’s moon can either support or conflict with the ways you normally feel safe and give and receive love. See if you can integrate the two.  Cancer makes a challenging aspect to my natal moon, Aries. When the moon changed signs I instinctively felt the paradox. For the next couple of days I’ll remind myself to nurture people in ways like cooking, hugging, empathizing in addition to the ways I usually express love – by action and leadership. There’s something we all can learn from Cancer energy right now: Caring, imagination, emotion, family, home.

Everyone’s needs are heightened in Cancer, and remember yours are, too. Remove yourself if all the feeling overwhelms you and you want to retract in your shell. I just heard my brother say he’s going back to bed. I’ll take that cue to end here myself, so I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband.