The shock of the Aquarius moon

Today the moon is in the sign of Aquarius: the rebel, the genius, the humanitarian, the friend, the sign of fixed air. How might our hearts be healed by Aquarius today?

Well, basically if we’re overcome by anger, fear, exhaustion or “shoulds.” With three planets in Aries and three in Capricorn right now, we might feel the impetus to go forward, to move on, to do something we can be proud of. But the symbolism of Mercury retrograde puts the brakes on. And so we might turn that assertive energy inwardly if things are not happening according to our plans, thinking there’s something wrong with us. It’s tempting to think that on some level we failed or we suck, or if we don’t, other people definitely do.

Enter Aquarius. What if you’re a refreshing original and everyone else is, too? What if we can see our starts and progress from a logical, open-minded point of view? What have you built over time that’s unique or groundbreaking? What have you started that helped the group or made a safe place for someone in distress or trauma?

Today visualize, name and cherish those victories. Center yourself with conscious breaths and honor your creative outlook and your staying power. Give yourself time and space and challenge any inner messages that have become steady but might not be loving or helpful. And if you can, break free a little from your routine to let in some interesting surprises. They might help you remember the ways that you’re an interesting, fascinating, endlessly-evolving surprise, too.