Positive Psychology

This was published in 2014, but I just found it. I had to share these helpful tips regarding how to be happier:


Among ways found by researchers to increase happiness:

  • Engaging in activities that draw on your strengths

  • Positive feelings: through mindfulness, gratitude

  • Activities requiring skill and focus

  • “Applying your strengths… to something outside yourself to create meaning in life”

There’s a vote for us to watch one less show on Netflix tonight…. But the moon is in Pisces, so no promises!

Libra Moon

The moon is in the sign of Libra today.

With Libra we meet questions of compromise. Do we need to compromise more? Have we compromised too much? Libra seeks peace through balance, fairness, equality. Where we have Libra in our birth charts we’re especially sensitive to this. We can all be a little cranky if we think we’re getting the short end of the stick.

Try to even the scales today. 

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