Positive Psychology

This was published in 2014, but I just found it. I had to share these helpful tips regarding how to be happier:


Among ways found by researchers to increase happiness:

  • Engaging in activities that draw on your strengths

  • Positive feelings: through mindfulness, gratitude

  • Activities requiring skill and focus

  • “Applying your strengths… to something outside yourself to create meaning in life”

There’s a vote for us to watch one less show on Netflix tonight…. But the moon is in Pisces, so no promises!

Full Moon Mad Lib

If I were_____ I'd be more confident.png

As the full moon approaches, an exercise to help us reach and be comforted. Maybe we already have every reason to be confident. Maybe there's a slight tweak we can make to help us going forward.

And as we interact with others, a variation might help us put ourselves in each other's shoes: "If I were _______, I'd have less confidence in my ability to ________.

If you've been blessed, see that. Feel it. Pass it on. Look for ways to accept and extend mercy today.

Thank You

The early Leo sun is just rising above the horizon and I'm filled with gratitude. The chart of the moment shows the sun opposite Mars in Aquarius, with Uranus in Taurus squaring both in a T-square. But because the sun and Mars are faster, it's more appropriate to say that they're squaring Uranus. And I forget the nuance of that sometimes. That our inner planets move into and out of aspects with the outer planets, and not the other way around. That we engage with them. 

This weekend I faced some of my Mars fears: Speaking in front of an audience, sharing my personal story, putting myself out there as an astrologer. As the day approached I felt less and less up to the task. When Tony Howard started the Facebook Live video my mouth was a small, thin line. Watching it later, I was struck by the tension in my face. Mars. Go time. Gearing up to face the battle.

But I didn't meet a Uranian earthquake. I met a tender, warm, and patient community eager to learn and share. I met a team of helpers at Astrology University who had my back and a group of caring colleagues who also took a risk to shine and share during the weekend. And a higher power gave me back my smile.

Under today's Sagittarius moon there could be a mood of exaggeration. And yet in the moon's T-square to Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces I'm reminded of Mister Rogers talking about big and small. Mister Rogers was always good at making space for everything: Fast and slow, big and small.

Take some time today to bask in both the sweetest detail and the larger world that blesses you while you bless it. And thank you all for helping me so much. 

Adulting on your own terms: The Capricorn moon

Under yesterday’s Capricorn moon I found myself waiting. Waiting at a green light for a fire truck to cross the intersection. Waiting for the other members of a meeting to join me. I’m often the late one, the harried one. There were still hints of that as a coworker had to let me into a room with her key card. But there was also waiting and compromise. A fire truck’s emergency is more important than a quick commute home. The next green light would get me through the intersection.

A Capricorn moon is always a chance to reevaluate our approach to patience, maturity, and authority. When the other members of the meeting finally arrived I made an uncharacteristic joke: “Thank you for joining me.” They had called the meeting and were senior, so they looked confused. They didn’t laugh. But I’m 40 now, and something about saying that joke out loud made me proud. Despite the differences in rank and gender, I was an adult in the presence of adults. I was acknowledging my own authority.

As the Capricorn moon joins Pluto today, what do you see about your own authority? Which accomplishments mean most to you? Which traditional signs of status are you willing to release because they don’t fit your real values? What's your greatest legacy?

The sun will join Jupiter this afternoon, a yearly event. Please take the opportunity to reflect on risks taken in the last year. Feel them. Let them warm you. And release any shame about where you are right now. Today a new cycle begins. Feed it with hope and gratitude.

And remember that so many great things take time. 
(Moon square Venus 2:05 a.m. EDT. Moon conjunct Pluto 6:49 a.m. Sun in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter 2:09 p.m.)