When Jupiter gets your attention

I’ve won three raffles in the past five days. It’s almost like Jupiter is having fun with me: You were asking when we would get to the good part? Voila.

I don’t usually win things. But my job has had a series of fundraising raffles in the past week, so I gave to each of them. I just considered them donations. But then the emails came: You won the wine basket! You won the soccer tickets! You won the Louis Vuitton bag! Naturally I pulled up the transits to my chart. Is this all about Jupiter in Sagittarius? Why am I winning everything??!!

I’ve heard that Jupiter/Uranus aspects are common in lottery winners. Currently my progressed moon in Scorpio is conjunct my natal Uranus. In the past five days the transiting moon joined with my natal moon, then transiting Uranus, and then my natal Jupiter. Is that enough?

Maybe. Jupiter also stations retrograde today on my natal 9th-house Mercury. In less than two weeks I’ll teach a class about Jupiter in Sagittarius for Fresh Voices in Astrology. In the class I’ll be explaining that natal houses with Sagittarius and Pisces on the cusps are part of our Jupiter story. For me those are houses 9 and 12. Two of the raffle tickets I bought with the intention of giving away the prize if I won: The soccer tickets and the fancy, pricey bag. Two of my friends wanted the prizes more than I did. And so I had my friends in mind when I bought those tickets, and when I won I gave them the prizes.

I don’t know if I had never really won anything before because I was missing that 12th-house element of non-attachment or intention beyond my own ego. But today I feel overjoyed and deeply at peace.

I did buy a lottery ticket and scratch-offs last night, just in case. The scratch-offs didn’t win; maybe the lottery ticket will. If not, I still have great friends, and a great husband, and those several bottles of wine. Today’s Gemini moon is ruled by Mercury, the messenger. I’ve gotten the Jupiter message loud and clear. My cup overflows, and I’m grateful.

The Generosity of Leo

(Moon in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra 6:56 a.m. EDT. Moon square Mercury in Taurus at 2:47 p.m. Mars in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 10:39 p.m.)

“These meatballs are so good. I’m leaving the waitress a tip.” – My niece, Elena.

Elena’s a Leo. When I looked at today’s aspects, I remembered her announcement in an Italian restaurant this weekend. Elena had no money, but the adults all nodded and said, “Wow, OK. Wonderful.” Then we watched Elena casually waltz back to the Kids’ Table, satisfied. At the end of the meal adults scurried to give Elena money, which she handed to my father for the tip.

Today’s Leo moon will give us opportunities to make a show of our generosity. The other side of Leo is infamous: a certain bossiness or stubbornness. But a natural sense of royalty informs Leo. Leos can show us all how to embrace our inner dignity. They’re learning to embrace theirs, and when the moon is in Leo, we are too.

If anything strikes you as wonderful, say or show it. If you see a chance to be magnanimous, take it. Whether with someone you love or a driver wants to cut you off, you can always take the high road. Remember to take your time and try to stay open. Your performance today will instruct others in some way, so try to embrace the very best of your own potential.