When Saturn feels too heavy: The Capricorn moon conjunct Saturn



The moon is in the sign of Capricorn today. At 12:24 p.m. EDT it will be at the same degree as Saturn.

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, orients us to hugeness and expansion: The sky’s the limit. But beyond Jupiter, Saturn symbolically structures us. It gives us the ability to narrow down all the vast possibilities to the ones that matter most and suit us best. It’s connected to legacy. But Saturn can also just feel HEAVY, giving us a serious, sober tone. For better or worse, Saturn reminds us of personal limits and age.

Enter the influence of the moon. Take time to visualize and then focus your dream in some way today. If you notice certain ways you’ve become overcommitted or disorganized, give yourself a loving but serious talk. Kindly bring yourself back to the basics.

Between Jupiter of hopes, dreams, and greatness and Uranus of unexpected breakthroughs, individual genius, and freedom, lies Saturn: Time-honored traditions, effort, planning, patience, silence, solitude, work. Somehow today it will help all of us to eat our vegetables or come to a full stop at a Stop sign. In the long run, it’s for our own benefit.

Before Uranus was discovered in 1781, Saturn was thought to be the last planet in the solar system with the slowest cycle, taking 29 years to orbit the sun. At that time in England, life expectancy for males was less than 35. A Uranus cycle is 84 years, closer to modern life expectancy in industrialized nations. Progress seems slow over time but eventually it’s startling.

Honor Saturn today. Reflect on the positives of your age and experience. But try not to let the demands of reality right now overwhelm you. Remember that something beyond, unexpected, and still unseen exists, too.

The Moon conjunct Saturn: The child and the tough old bird

Gertrude Box, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Gertrude Box, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Steven Forrest calls Saturn the inner tough old bird.

When the moon and the tough old bird come together every month, can they both come away happy?

I‘ve always been intrigued by tough old birds. Two from my childhood were my neighbor Dolores and my piano teacher, Mrs. Box.

When I was three or four I used to join Dolores on her stoop. What I loved about Dolores was how real she was. She faced the world in her housedress, wearing no bra or makeup. She was usually smoking. And we’d sit in silence, or we’d talk. She was cranky, but so was I. She was fairly negative, but she could make me laugh. Like many of us on the block, she was Italian. Something about her was solid, familiar, and safe. She rented that house only a few years and I don’t remember our conversations, but I loved her company. I was fiery and opinionated and would often argue with my siblings or other kids, but Dolores and I never fought. We were happy to see each other. We sat together and watched the activity of the block unfold for the day.

Mrs. Box was completely different. She was wiry and unexpected. She was Native American. She wore her silver hair flowing all the way down her back and loved to perform tricks for us, like playing the piano backwards or through a dishtowel. Years before she had divorced her abusive husband and pursued a Ph.D. while raising her eight children alone. She taught at the Riker’s Island jail. She also dated and danced every weekend, and told me about the shimmery outfits and wigs she liked to wear. I used to beg her to wear them to teach me piano. She laughed, but never did. Eventually I had to stop taking piano lessons, because it was getting expensive and I wasn’t very good, but we kept in touch with Mrs. Box. She showed up at my 6th grade graduation party wearing a shimmery dress and a wig, completely out of place among my relatives. She winked at me and smiled.

Today as the moon joins Saturn, let your inner child and your inner tough old bird spend time together. Maybe they’ll teach or surprise each other and maybe they’ll both be comforted. Either way, it doesn’t have to suck.

(Moon conjunct Saturn 10:31 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra 11:38 a.m. Moon trine Mars in Leo 9:27 a.m.)