Jupiter stations direct: Meditating on hope, wisdom, freedom, and joy

Jupiter will station direct tomorrow at 9:37 a.m. EDT. There are many ways to process this for insight and inspiration. Here are a few, taken from my class for Fresh Voices in Astrology earlier this year: Jupiter in Sagittarius: When Do We Get to The Good Part?

Meditating on Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet, named after the mythological most divine ruler. So just imagine that for a moment, and now imagine more of that quality in you. Jupiter symbolizes some area of talent, luck, or blessings: where we have an inborn connection to greatness and can have even more if we believe in ourselves, pick up some wisdom along the way, and go for it. Ultimately Jupiter represents how we can access a state of success, gratitude, and joy.

Jupiter is between Mars and Saturn. So it’s beyond Mars, the planet of action and desire. But before Saturn, which helps us grow up, commit, and work hard at something. And that placement is meaningful because first, Jupiter helps us wish. Just try. Follow our excitement. Tune into hope. 


The glyph or symbol of Jupiter is the God’s lightning bolt. It’s also the crescent of receptivity rising above the cross of matter. Steven Arroyo calls this “the intermixing of the spiritual and the material.” We have an earthly experience of structure, limits, points of decision-making. Interacting with that cross is this crescent, cup, or moon -- the emotional, imaginative, loving, healing realm. We absorb and reflect or take in and pour back out this mixture of the real and the mysterious, the practical and the nourishing: humanity and divinity. Can we be receptive and generous enough to do that?

Meditating on Sagittarius

In Sagittarius, Jupiter has come home, where the energy is pure and powerful, so it’s hypothetically easier to express. Jupiter is in its rulership in Sagittarius — its castle. In the zodiac cycle, which starts with Aries and the first day of Spring, Sagittarius is the 9th sign, between the still, deep waters of Scorpio and the cardinal, beginning earth of Capricorn. Sagittarius as a mutable sign has an agenda of movement: A passage between inner and complex, psychological processes and outer, impressive accomplishments. The archer between the scorpion and the seagoat or mountain goat. 

Screenshot 2019-08-10 14.18.12.png

Mutable signs don’t tie us to anything just yet but remind us of a need for variety, change, flexibility. And Sagittarius as a fire sign wants action, a challenge. It wants to find and express freedom, passion and inspiration. It’s also the centaur, combining the animal nature and wisdom of the body with the higher mind. When we shoot the arrow it takes us to new places both mentally and physically. And that’s exciting for a planet in Sagittarius. That feels good. learning, moving, disseminating. Paraphrasing Steven Forrest, three faces of Sagittarius are the student, the traveler, and the philosopher.

Sagittarius is also the great connector of threads, finding common themes and deriving meaning. And so it can help to reflect on the past Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, or as many as you can remember.

June 9, 1960 - October 25, 1960
January 14, 1971 - June 4, 1971
September 11, 1971 - February 6, 1972
July 24, 1972 - September 25, 1972
December 25, 1982 - January 19, 1984
December 9, 1984 - January 3, 1996
November 23, 2006 - December 18, 2007
November 8, 2018 - December 2, 2019

Have any themes recurred for you this year that tie into past Jupiter cycles? Think about how might this be a homecoming not just for Jupiter, but for you, too.

Meditating on Direction

There are high and low expressions of every symbol in astrology. The danger of a planet in its own sign is that there’s nothing to put the brakes on. Jupiter in Sagittarius can be extreme: Overindulging, overdoing, overextending.  It can symbolize our tendency to jump to conclusions, leap before we look, or become stuck in an echo chamber or our own opinions.

There’s a naive face of this, like a good-time party animal or a thrillseeker. Relying on luck or bravado can lead to all kinds of accidents or disasters. But the darker side of this is if we create a belief system around greed or glory or superiority that just keeps expanding. This is a reality of the moment, too.

High Jupiter in Sagittarius expression is merciful and honorable. The cross and the crescent underscore Hippocrates’s ideal of “first, do no harm” — as long as we don’t stay in our rooms all day because we’re afraid of doing harm. The world needs our leadership, too. Jupiter represents a lifelong process of developing a higher code in some area. But Jupiter also represents something to do: instructions for a better life. Jupiter is considered the “greater benefic” in astrology, and benefic comes from the Latin bene and facere -- to do well. And so our well-being is tied to a verb — an action.

Since April 10th of this year (EDT), Jupiter has been retrograde. A retrograde period symbolizes a slowing down, retracing, inward time. But it can also be a do-over. This could have felt extremely frustrating if we really wanted to push ahead on something. Especially for people with strong Sagittarius and Pisces, signs ruled by Jupiter, we might have found ourselves having to dig deep to access hope. The symbolism of Jupiter retrograde was partly that discernment takes time: That wisdom can come from looking back and within, from processes that are less linear, more imaginative. Jupiter retrograde, for better or worse, gave us insight into what was beyond our control. And hopefully it helped counter some of the excess of Jupiter in Sagittarius, drawing our attention not just to outer action but to inner wisdom and our deepest, most passionate dreams.

Now that Jupiter is stationing direct again, we re-aim that arrow to a direction that’s not just personally exciting but also meaningful and broad.

The Jupiter in Sagittarius Lesson

The symbolism we’re dealing with when we talk about Jupiter in Sagittarius is possibility. Just that it’s possible to have faith again, to feel connected to the celebration. Through December of this year, it could help us simply to know that: That the person we see sharing good news may really need that victory right now. Or that it’ll be our turn one day, too. And if it is our turn, can we give ourselves permission to enjoy it?

The current integration of Jupiter in Sagittarius with the other outer planets is an opportunity to be more grounded and more open. If we’ve been gifted in our lives, how can we pay it forward? If we carry a legacy from our family or just people in general who’ve shown us what decency looks like, what character looks like, how can we share that? What are the mature and practical ways we can show kindness or vulnerability or leadership that will elevate not just us but others too? And can we treat ourselves that way, with bold acts of love and generosity and mercy?

Goodness and generosity and blessings are out there just as they’re inside every one of us. Someone or something is out there helping us, cheering for us, making our success possible.

The Jupiter in Sagittarius lesson is this: Something celebrates when we show up.

The Moon conjunct Saturn: The child and the tough old bird

Gertrude Box, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Gertrude Box, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Steven Forrest calls Saturn the inner tough old bird.

When the moon and the tough old bird come together every month, can they both come away happy?

I‘ve always been intrigued by tough old birds. Two from my childhood were my neighbor Dolores and my piano teacher, Mrs. Box.

When I was three or four I used to join Dolores on her stoop. What I loved about Dolores was how real she was. She faced the world in her housedress, wearing no bra or makeup. She was usually smoking. And we’d sit in silence, or we’d talk. She was cranky, but so was I. She was fairly negative, but she could make me laugh. Like many of us on the block, she was Italian. Something about her was solid, familiar, and safe. She rented that house only a few years and I don’t remember our conversations, but I loved her company. I was fiery and opinionated and would often argue with my siblings or other kids, but Dolores and I never fought. We were happy to see each other. We sat together and watched the activity of the block unfold for the day.

Mrs. Box was completely different. She was wiry and unexpected. She was Native American. She wore her silver hair flowing all the way down her back and loved to perform tricks for us, like playing the piano backwards or through a dishtowel. Years before she had divorced her abusive husband and pursued a Ph.D. while raising her eight children alone. She taught at the Riker’s Island jail. She also dated and danced every weekend, and told me about the shimmery outfits and wigs she liked to wear. I used to beg her to wear them to teach me piano. She laughed, but never did. Eventually I had to stop taking piano lessons, because it was getting expensive and I wasn’t very good, but we kept in touch with Mrs. Box. She showed up at my 6th grade graduation party wearing a shimmery dress and a wig, completely out of place among my relatives. She winked at me and smiled.

Today as the moon joins Saturn, let your inner child and your inner tough old bird spend time together. Maybe they’ll teach or surprise each other and maybe they’ll both be comforted. Either way, it doesn’t have to suck.

(Moon conjunct Saturn 10:31 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra 11:38 a.m. Moon trine Mars in Leo 9:27 a.m.)

When It's All Just Too Much For Me: The Balsamic Moon in Cancer

Today and tomorrow mark the last two days of the moon cycle before the New Moon in Leo on Sunday.

The balsamic moon or waning crescent moon in Cancer symbolizes pure emotion and as Steven Forrest writes, “deep psychic sensitivity.” Go easy in this energy. What comes to the surface might unsettle you. It might not make sense. It could overwhelm.

The love we’ve been yearning for has a chance to reach us from the spirit realm now – whether you imagine God, loved ones who have passed, or caring others. But we can also be overwhelmed by our pain and the pain we sense all around us. It can just be too much.

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The Body or the Mind? Both: The Moon in Sagittarius

Today the moon is in Sagittarius. The very best of this energy can help us find adventure, meaning, and hope. The worst of it can lead us to think we’re right and spout our opinions off as gospel. It’s a slippery slope.

What will help? Trying to keep an open mind. Getting to a happy Sagittarius place requires balancing the three archetypes: The Gypsy, the scholar and the philosopher. Sagittarius energy needs to explore, to learn and then to teach.

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New Moon in Cancer

In the New Moon we go forward in darkness. Darkness is very much Cancer’s realm: The inner life, imagination, feelings, sensitivity, creativity. Wherever we have Cancer in our birth charts we have great stores of this energy. If we share it, it can heal and comfort others. But Cancer the crab or turtle is so vulnerable that it needs a shell, and that’s our challenge for this Ca...ncer moon cycle: As Steven Forrest writes in The Inner Sky: “to create the minimal defenses consistent with survival.”

How do we do that?

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Leo Moon

(Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius at 2:54 a.m. and Moon square Uranus in Aries at 2:58 a.m. Moon sextile sun 11:17 p.m.)

Today’s Mars/Saturn aspect can seem either like someone or something is trying to stop you from speaking or from advancing or someone is trying to push or attack you. Again, over the next day, try to integrate both energies. If you need to assert yourself today, balance what you want to say with some maturity and a longer view of what’s essential to express. What’s the greater purpose beyond this one interaction? If there’s a way you need to discipline yourself right now, see if something in your immediate environment can help you – whether it be data, a conversation, or just a message you pick up from your surroundings.

At 8:11 a.m. EDT the moon enters Leo, the sign of the Performer, the Clown, and the King or Queen. Try to open yourself up to spontaneity and silliness. Remember your own dignity and the dignity of the other person in your interactions and try to take some moments over the next two days to put yourself more on display and to appreciate the people who show up.

I’m feeling kind of sad as my family vacation ends – the last vestiges of the Cancer moon before the Leo moon begins. I’m filled with appreciation for what my parents have created and who each of us is – right down to the Littlest Who, six-year old Elena.

I hope in the past two days something has reminded you of love and safety, and now you can take a chance to shine.

eo archetypes from The Inner Sky y Steven Forrest. https://www.forrestastrology.com/collections/books

Moon in Cancer: Heightened Feelings

Today at 7:24 a.m. EDT the moon entered its own sign, Cancer. Cancer is the nurturer – the proverbial mother or grandmother who just wants to feed you. But Cancer is also the Crab. As Steven Forrest says, Cancer is learning to balance vulnerability with enough of a shell to protect itself. Cancer energy can be moody, overwhelmed by its own feelings and needs.

I’m on vacation with my family this weekend. I woke up to look at the chart of the day and write, facing the mountain views, but the four children soon joined me. The moon was still in Gemini, and they started telling me funny stories about school. There was a levity in the air, and for a half hour I just enjoyed the company and conversation – watching them wiggle or pace while they reminded me what a big deal it is when your teacher catches you chewing gum.

But after the moon changed signs I noticed I started getting cranky. I really wanted to be in silence and write. I remembered that I wanted to update my website. So I excused myself, but not before my husband asked me to get him a cup of coffee. Damn: I just wanted to do my own thing. But I knew that I could show him love today by feeding him, so I got him coffee. That was growth for me – keeping perspective and not snapping at him, which was how I felt in that moment. I could only see my own needs. Yet while I had been visiting with the kids, he had made the coffee. He’s often behind the scenes keeping the household going. He’s so efficient and capable that I forget to take care of him. His asking me to take care of him was growth for him, too.

Sometimes it’s helpful to look at your natal moon to see how the day’s moon can either support or conflict with the ways you normally feel safe and give and receive love. See if you can integrate the two.  Cancer makes a challenging aspect to my natal moon, Aries. When the moon changed signs I instinctively felt the paradox. For the next couple of days I’ll remind myself to nurture people in ways like cooking, hugging, empathizing in addition to the ways I usually express love – by action and leadership. There’s something we all can learn from Cancer energy right now: Caring, imagination, emotion, family, home.

Everyone’s needs are heightened in Cancer, and remember yours are, too. Remove yourself if all the feeling overwhelms you and you want to retract in your shell. I just heard my brother say he’s going back to bed. I’ll take that cue to end here myself, so I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband.