Total Eclipse of the Sun

Is anyone else feeling burned-out? 

I didn’t share what I wrote yesterday. I couldn’t tell if it made any sense. My head pounded. My throat hurt. I was pushing myself too hard. I closed my laptop and went dark for a day. 

Today there will be a New Moon and total solar eclipse in Leo at 2:30 p.m. EDT. Every New Moon is a chance for a mysterious new beginning. The symbol of healing, imagination and regeneration goes dark, and we go forward in trust until it gets brighter and clearer. But today’s New Moon will also block the sun. Woah. Symbolically, that could be pretty scary. 

Can it also be comforting? 

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Leo and Aquarius: The North and South Nodes

From April 28th of this year until November 15, 2018 we’re all being asked to integrate the north node of Leo into the south node of Aquarius. The last time the nodes were in these positions was September 17, 1998 to April 5, 2000.

How have you had to dissociate because of a shock? In that time period years ago did you eventually learn to find joy, dignity, trust, spontaneity in the face of unimaginable trauma? What about now? Is there something that has sent you into a state of shell-shock? Is there a part of you that needs to recover and seeks to be shared now? Have you been stuck as an outsider in some way and now do you want or need to be seen?

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