The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

As today's new moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius approach, I hope you'll take some time to reflect on and name what's unique and special about you. There's not only space for it but a need for it in the world around you. Peace be with you.

The Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Entering the space with soul

" Light Source Direction ", Terry Winters, Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Light Source Direction", Terry Winters, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Today’s full moon eclipse in Leo starts to bring the intentions we set during August’s solar eclipse into stark relief.

What can you see now that you couldn’t then?

How have you put yourself out there in trust or performance? What are the fruits? How did you honor or put forth your dignity, your creativity, your essence? What’s still worth striving for? How have you shocked yourself? Which relationships have come into or left your life suddenly or destabilized you somehow? What have they taught you?

What does your heart tell you in this moment?

Today’s lunar eclipse hearkens back not only to August but to past eclipses along the Leo/Aquarius axis. The most recent solar eclipse in Aquarius was January 2009. How have you healed since that time? How have you listened to your own original voice? How have you broken with cultural scripts or norms, either intentionally or unintentionally? Who loved you when you found yourself in those places or took those risks?

When the shadow of the earth falls on the moon today, take the time to reflect and embrace mystery. And take the time to soothe and encourage all that is in you, still unseen.

Blessing what you do and how you do it: The end of Mars in Virgo

It’s tempting to slash my prices just to get the word out. It’s tempting to make myself more of a generalist and learn other metaphysical crafts. But I’m a counseling astrologer. I also have a full-time job and a family. Both compete with but ultimately inform and improve my astrology practice. I look for and offer real-life solutions. I know what it’s like to juggle. I carve out a spiritual life knowing I can’t spend a month in Tibet. The people I counsel can’t either. I’m trying to find the holy in Queens, NY, while I drive Lyndon to school and myself to work so my family has health benefits.

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The Full Moon in Capricorn or WTF??!!!

Tonight is the Full Moon in Capricorn. The brightest night symbolizes a chance to see most clearly.

The full moon is when the sun and moon are 180 degrees apart, forming an opposition. There’s a feeling of tension and a tendency to project. We see The Other during the full moon: Whoever or whatever seems far away or opposed to us. It’s a humbling and humanizing experience.

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Virgo Moon

The moon is in the sign of Virgo today, an earth sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury also rules Gemini, and that connection is easy to see: both air signs, both connected with communication, perception, speech, curiosity, message. But how do we reconcile Virgo and Mercury?

Virgo is the practical face of Mercury: Craft, service. Something that we DO informs us and brings a message to others. Virgo drives us toward improvement, sometimes harshly. It can always see what’s missing and imperfect. Can we live in both that humble space and in the world? Can we help?

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