The zen of balloon animals: The Taurus moon aspecting Jupiter and Mercury

Lang’s outside power-washing our backyard furniture for my Mom’s birthday party. It might rain; my backyard has too many mosquitoes to sit comfortably outside anyway. But that simple act of effort, of his own volition, just makes me feel better. It strikes me as incredibly sweet. My preparations center around balloons and gemstone stickers. What I’m doing isn’t practical either, but my Mom’s festive and fancy. I think silly touches will make her smile.

Blend some imagination into real life today. If you’re bored or exhausted, something outside of you can give you inspiration, helping you see strategy and purpose: What your work and patience have been building and why.

The shadow of today’s Taurus moon is stubbornness. And no matter what your plans are, that could sap the energy and fun. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, try to absorb the fullness of the moment. There might be another way.

Our steady presence and that little over-the-top extra we add can help someone feel lifted and loved.

Be as you are, do what you can: Grand trine in earth

Today there’s a harmonious grand trine in the earth element: The moon and Uranus in Taurus, the sun in Virgo, and Saturn in Capricorn.

It's a good day to lose yourself in a task. Take a break from overthinking or drama. Let your senses soak up beauty and pleasure – a taste, a view, a hug.  Feel the satisfaction of stillness or productivity. In Italian there’s an expression, “lavoro ben fatto” – a job done well. It’s connected with honor and pride: Putting time and effort into the details; devotion to the craft itself.

Today enter that space, away from the crowd or noise: Just as you are. Simply do your best.  

When the view isn't perfect: Waning Pisces moon

The last two mornings I’ve only been able to see the moon through the branches of my neighbor’s tree. It looks so promising and bright, and I crane my neck this way or that way to get a good look from different parts of my house. I write about the moon, and I read about the moon in posts from astrologer friends all over the world. And so when I can’t see the moon full-on it feels like a secret I can only hear parts of; two right numbers in a lottery ticket I was pretty sure would win.  

This morning I put on shoes with my pajamas and go outside to get a straight look at the moon. I have to walk three houses down – past the tree and several rows of wires – before I can finally just see the moon. Not the moon over the Eiffel Tower or the moon over a vast safari, but the moon over my neighbor’s house in Queens. Me in mismatched pajamas, with wild hair and morning breath.

In the sky there’s a feeling of not-quite-right – a feeling we’re not where or what we could be.

As the moon enters the sign of Aries today at 12:35 p.m., some small movement compels us a bit closer to a goal. Tomorrow when Mercury reaches the degree of the last new moon, we’ll be able to see something more clearly. On October 8th when Mars finally passes the degree it turned retrograde in June, we’ll be able to move more decisively. But today at some point and in some small way, we just need to leave our own house.


Honoring the Bittersweet Unspoken: The Scorpio Balsamic Moon

Today is the last day of the balsamic or waning crescent moon cycle before tomorrow’s new moon in Scorpio.

We’re also in the pre-shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. I’m feeling this one more than I usually do, maybe because Mercury is in the same sign as my natal Mercury, Sagittarius. I’m getting triggered into more arguments. I’m having to redo things at work. Somebody asked me how I was the other day, and I just opened my mouth and closed it again. I shook my head and raised my eyebrows. I let out a deep sigh and shrugged. I knew if I actually spoke I would cry. We just looked at each other for an extended moment, slowly nodding in unison. My coworker said he understood and was sorry to hear that. He lowered his head compassionately, and then awkwardly hurried away. Maybe he was able to hear and understand the unspoken, or maybe he chalked it up to a bad moment -- the copier jamming again or coffee spilled on my lap. What I would have said, if it were the time and place and I could find my voice, was, “Why am I here? What does this all mean? How do I keep trudging along?”

This morning Mercury makes an energizing aspect with Mars. It’s a chance to try to face and come to some peace with everything we’ve been taking in. Take some time to reflect. What’s gotten you angry lately? What’s unsettled you? Has anything or anybody helped you when you felt depleted or despondent? Is there anything you really want to say right now? To whom?

Be gentle with yourself and others as you sort through the bittersweet unspoken. Consider what you can release to a higher power and what you might need to actually, bravely say out loud. If you’d like to, perform a ritual to mark an ending, a letting go, or a poignant goodbye. But do spend some time with your feelings before tomorrow’s new moon. And above all, hang in there.

(Mercury sextile Mars 9:24 a.m. EST. Moon sextile Pluto 1:15 p.m.)

Blessing what you do and how you do it: The end of Mars in Virgo

It’s tempting to slash my prices just to get the word out. It’s tempting to make myself more of a generalist and learn other metaphysical crafts. But I’m a counseling astrologer. I also have a full-time job and a family. Both compete with but ultimately inform and improve my astrology practice. I look for and offer real-life solutions. I know what it’s like to juggle. I carve out a spiritual life knowing I can’t spend a month in Tibet. The people I counsel can’t either. I’m trying to find the holy in Queens, NY, while I drive Lyndon to school and myself to work so my family has health benefits.

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Two challenging days: Back-to-back T-squares

Yesterday there was a T-square involving the Gemini moon, the Virgo sun, and Pisces Neptune.

From “The T-Square is an aspect figure which is formed when two planets in opposition (i.e. 180 degrees apart) are both squared by a third planet. Both these aspects are considered to be so-called "hard" or "disharmonious" aspects, and the T-square intensifies this quality which makes it… challenging…. The third planet is the focal point of the figure and could be said to carry the tension of the two planets… in opposition.”

Several hours of my day revolved around the fact that Lyndon’s bus drove right past him yesterday morning. The driver whizzed by three minutes early without stopping, never noticing that Lang and Lyndon were standing there, waiting. Neptune: the planet of fogginess and invisibility.

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When life is scary and tragic: Aries Moon square Pluto

This morning the first thing I read was a text from my brother saying that an older girl from my childhood neighborhood had died. She was only four years older, but when we were kids four years felt like a lot. My older sister was her younger sister’s friend. I used to follow my sister to go to their house and play in their pool. That family had ten kids, and I wasn’t really anyone’s friend, but the family let me tag along. I remember eating at their house and watching the movie Clue. My family has five kids, and as the youngest I spent a good part of my childhood angrily vying for attention. This older girl, the middle child, seemed so peaceful and kind. I didn’t know how to be that way in a big family myself, so I liked being around her. She was always very sweet to me. She died at age 45.

The second, third and fourth things I read about were the hurricane, the earthquake, and the monsoon. This Aries moon day is not playing around. It’s pretty scary and rough.

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