Full Sagittarius Moon: Letting Go of What Limits Us

So much of this full moon symbolizes relationship. We’re being asked to look beyond what we might see as our personal failures or disappointments. The people we love and the world around us can give us clues on meaning and the next right action. What are you truly seeing? The same image that sends me into panic makes my husband think he's the luckiest man on the planet. I can think he's wrong or I can try to see what he sees and find the good news. Either things are better than I think or I have a husband who can love me anyway. 

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Balsamic Moon

We’re in the balsamic phase of the moon, now, the last phase before the new moon on May 25th at 3:44 p.m. EDT. In The Lunation Cycle Dane Rudhyar called this the “seed phase” between the ending and beginning, when “results of the entire cycle are essentialized, concentrated to become the foundation for the future cycle.” There can be a sadness or poignancy to this cycle, but there’s also an invitation to release what doesn’t serve us and to tune into the spiritual – whether it be God, loved ones who are no longer here, or just the universe itself. Honor them and hear their message for you now.

The lessons of April’s Taurus new moon will be with us for two more days, and we especially get to crystallize them when the moon goes into Taurus today at 8:32 a.m. As I’ve said before Taurus is not the easiest energy for me, but today I can see its gifts. After two days of boundary-setting, jumping into action, and noticing some of the heartbreaking violence and aggression in the world, I’m looking forward to remembering the peace that does exist around and in my own body. Try to move from a place of inner calm and notice any comfort or security right in your own reach. At 10:12 p.m. the moon will conjunct Mercury, giving us a chance to be fascinated by something and express it. (If you feel compelled to express yourself creatively, go for it.) Above all over these next two days honor the slow process of time and relationship-building. This is a time to be still, reflect, and know there is a reason and a place for us.