Bittersweet endings meet firsts - The last quarter Cancer moon

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As Mercury changes sign to Virgo today during the Cancer last quarter moon, change and loss of control are bittersweet. Be gentle with yourself and with others. Take a moment to feel proud of your effort, or your loved ones, or something you in some way gave birth to. They might have to leave your orbit to become better or more purely themselves.

Feelings and phases -- the Cancer moon

At 8:03 a.m. EDT the moon will change signs into Cancer. The sensitivity and intuition of Cancer are a natural fit today for people who work in helping professions. In New York many teachers start school again today. But because Cancer is so connected with home and family, we might find ourselves missing our own space or our own people.

The watery Cancer moon can help us be more creative and resourceful. The cardinal energy can help us begin projects or lead others. Some of our activities and the people we interact with will excite us. We’ll care about them. But we have to start from a place of wholeness or we’ll absorb other people’s feelings -- start with a sense of love and security or we’ll become defensive and self-protective. If you feel yourself getting moody, go back into your shell for a bit: Slip away to the bathroom or close your door or close your eyes for a moment and breathe.

The moon will make aspects to Uranus and Saturn this afternoon, reinforcing that we might need to go our own way for a bit and take a moment to steady ourselves. We might need a moment alone.

Cancer brings feelings to the surface. Some of the feelings can help us get our work done and some can get in the way. We have emotional biases we’re not even aware of. We all have a natural rhythm when it comes to our feelings, and we’ve probably inherited certain beliefs about feelings, too. If you’re around someone who is more or less emotionally demonstrative, try not to take it personally, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. Cancer energy can help us take good care of each other, but only if we’re not too pushy.

The moon rules Cancer, and the symbolism of today's Cancer moon gives us permission to shine or hide or just reflect certain parts. The mutable Virgo sun reminds us not to get stuck in just one expression or phase.

Creating and Sharing Under the Leo moon

The moon is in the fiery, creative sign of Leo now, and I've been working on next Saturday's webinar: Enlightened Parenting Through Astrology: Five Times Astrology Made me a Better Mom.

I've never given a webinar. I've never taught a class. My parents are teachers and I'm astonished and awed by the impact they've had on so many people over decades. I think seeing the wisdom, charisma and passion they embodied kept me away from teaching. I didn't know if I could pull it off. I didn't want to try.

My siblings are performers. Their presence is captivating. They're funny. They're deep. They're transformative. I love supporting them. But I'm terrified to join them. I work an office job every day in a room by myself, hidden by a humongous computer screen, usually eating.

And yet I was asked by my dear, respected friend Tony Howard to give a class in the summit he created. And I said Yes, because I trust Tony's judgment in other people and I know Tony's high standards. And this topic is so dear to my heart. If I've put the hours and intention into anything in my life it's been into creating a family and learning and practicing astrology. But still, I'm scared.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 12th has symbolically brought an opportunity to rebirth nurturing, creative, loving energies in us. But Pluto in Capricorn is opposite the sun and moon in that new moon chart. Fear, dread, shame and limits can overpower and stop us before we start.

But what if we look at it differently? What if we see the times in our lives when the shy, protective, emotional shell of Cancer has been capable of stopping us before we even start? That's kind of where I was when Tony first approached me: No thank you, I'll watch the webinar from the comfort of home and someone else can present. In that case Pluto in Capricorn can be the helper -- drawing out what we're actually capable of. Plumbing the depths of who we've worked to become; letting that empower and transform us and those we encounter.

This new moon/Pluto action happens for me in the 4th and 10th house axis of home and family and career and the broader world. I can choose to stay home and just practice these techniques by myself and with my child, with my family and friends and local clients, Thank you very much. But a powerful friend is giving me this opportunity to share the information with a broader audience. And as I prepare it I know the techniques can help people nurture and support their children, or their clients who are parents. I just have to overcome my shyness and fear to do it.

Where does this new moon fall in your birth chart? Consider the Cancer solar and lunar themes positively and negatively. Let that inform your intentions for starts and renewals. And try to make a friend of Pluto. There's power inside and outside of you, an opportunity for creating and revealing something profound to yourself and others that you can do only when you realize you're already safe, loved and whole, and only when you can shed some of your ego and over-sensitivity. I hate saying that. Sensitive people bless and heal the world. So I hope you can see what I mean: We can get so lost in being sensitive that it cripples us or holds us from action, and that's where the Capricorn energy can help us. Leave something in this world that is born out of your sensitivity. Leave something tangible. Today's Leo moon can help inspire you.

It's been a pleasure to create this webinar. Next Saturday, I'll be drawing on my experience of motherhood, inspired by my parents' ability to teach and my siblings' ability to take the stage. I hope you'll join me. It's free, and from what I know of the other astrologers who are presenting, I'll be in outstanding company. Thank you, Tony, for the nudging at least one of us needed to bring this to light.





The heart and the head: The Cancer moon and the Aquarius sun

Today asks us to let the right and left sides of our brain speak to each other. The watery, emotional Cancer moon is safety-seeking, protective, and heart-centered. But the airy, logical Aquarius sun and Venus seek conversation, information, and breakthrough. Aquarius examines and then challenges. It helps us break out of traditional ways of being that either oppress us or simply don’t reflect us. How can we balance such different energies?

Spend some time today taking care of yourself. Tune into your feelings. Listen to your intuition. Allow yourself a creative outlet or a cuddle. It will just feel good.

And also, listen. There are new ideas we need to hear and incorporate. Some of them will be shocking and uncomfortable. How can we feel safe and yet also be open to change? If you feel the fight-or-flight instinct arise in you, can you explore it with someone you trust?

We may all feel somewhat frayed or vulnerable today. If you interact with someone who lashes out or has heavy defenses, try not to internalize it. We’re all in a phase of recovery.

Aim to balance conversation with silence, the external with the internal, the large collective with the safest clan.

(Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 10:18 a.m. EST. Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn 9:34 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio 11:38 p.m.)

Getting to a place of Home: The Cancer moon faces tension

oday the moon forms quite a few tense aspects. We might need to remember to breathe today.

The day will start with a t-square involving Pluto and end with a grand cross involving Uranus. Yikes. How do we handle it?

First, recognize our emotional needs for the day. With a Cancer moon we’ll all be craving comfort and security to a certain extent. We’ll probably feel more sensitive. We may want to retreat.

But there are deep matters that need our attention. The disseminating, last quarter moon has a quality of shared ritual and release, and Pluto calls our attention to the dark areas of hell or the bright areas of empowerment. There are things we need to see or say today that will conflict with our need for safety. But this is time to get real.

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The Cancer moon changes to Leo: Take time to Love and create

Take time to be creative today. Take time to notice the ones you love. When I took these photos of Elena at our home this weekend, part of me thought, “Should Lang really be having Elena's baby dolls box each other?” But when I uploaded the photos this morning I saw how his silliness broke the ice and made her happy and comfortable.

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Releasing love: The waning Cancer moon

Today the moon is in Cancer, the sign the moon rules.

Over my pajamas I’m wearing a shawl a Cancerian friend gave me. It feels like a hug. She cleaned my house every week for the past two years, and the days we walked back into our home after she’d performed her magic, the three of us would spontaneously sigh and say “Thank you!” to her into the air. We could feel her love and care. Sometimes before she came I would text her a warning, “This week it’s really bad! I’m so sorry!” She’d respond, “Tranquila.” Calm down. Relax. It’s OK.

I have shame attached to the fact that I hate cooking and cleaning. I wish I were better at them and I wish I enjoyed them. I hear other women talk with pride about the meal they cooked or the spring cleaning they did, and I feel like an alien. I think I’m doing a crappy job as a Mom and wife. But now balancing out my own self-judgment is my friend’s sweet voice: “Tranquila.” So kind and nurturing, making it OK to be me.

When my friend called to tell me she accepted a full-time job and wouldn’t be able to clean our house, I could hear her worry and sadness. But she set up her cousin to take her place, someone we already know and trust. Yesterday she sent her cousin for the first time. We came home to gifts my friend had asked her cousin to bring us, including this shawl.

Today I want to thank the people with Cancer suns, moons, Ascendants, or other significant Cancer placements for the healing work you do, in whichever walk or profession. Your love and care changes situations and other people’s hearts more than you might know. On the other hand, the part of you that does know and takes on other people's feelings could keep you stuck taking care of them, not being fed or nurtured yourself.

During the waning moon cycle until the New Moon on September 20th, there may be situations or people you need to release in some way. Let your strong intuition guide you. The change could be good for everyone, even if it’s scary or sad right now. We'll all be OK. Tranquila.

(Moon sextile Mars in Virgo 3:47 a.m. EDT. Moon trine Neptune 3:31 p.m. Moon opposite Pluto in
Capricorn 10:50 p.m.)