Fight, freedom, and helping: Mars square Uranus under a Virgo sun

“Black Bird” by Benny Andrews

“Black Bird” by Benny Andrews

Today Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. This is a closing square that relates to their conjunction or joining in Aries in late February 2017.

Mars square Uranus is a stressful energy. I’m gonna be real with you. This one stumped me, because I always read the sky as a message from a God who loves us. Why would we ever need more stress???

Virgo season is about doing the best we can in the human condition. Discriminating how we can do better and be useful to each other here on earth. Today’s moon/Pluto conjunction symbolizes that it’s time for some deeper reflection.

Think about your effort and progress over the last year and a half. Is there any resource or relationship you have now that you didn’t have or realize then? Think about all the scary things you’ve faced and survived. How has a group joined or supported you?

Today try to feel any love that has helped settle you and notice any progress in your personal fight. Unfortunately, it’s not over. But in some ways that’s actually a good thing, because what we’ve learned can now help others.

In the end, the fight was never really about just us.

Awakening, Virgo style

At 10:18 the Capricorn moon joins Mars and it could be a good chance for us to reexamine our anger, drive, willpower, assertion. If something comes up, the Virgo sun can help us discriminate instead of just explode. If yesterday we might have just gotten pissed, today we can be constructive. What’s really going on and what’s the best thing for me to do about it?

It could be time for us to make some noise or some changes today. But as the moon moves into Aquarius at 12:55 p.m. EDT, let your sensitivity instead of your reactivity guide you. The Virgo sun can symbolize being more critical of ourselves and others. The Aquarius moon can symbolize becoming more aware of shocks and inequalities. We weren’t born to keep our mouths shut, but we also can’t be effective if we come off as erratic or crazed. So some steadiness can help us today – some quiet time and space. And then if we need to raise hell for ourselves or someone else, we’ll know exactly why and we can begin to know just how.