The Taurus New Moon and Uranus in Taurus

Today at 7:47 a.m. EDT there will be a Taurus New Moon at 24°36' Taurus. Uranus will move into Taurus at 11:17 a.m after having spent almost eight years in Aries (May - August 2010, March 2011 until today.) 

How has your life changed since 2010? What did you begin? What changes upended who you thought you were or the path you thought you were traveling? Have you found a role as part of a new group? Which crises or adventures brought breakthroughs? How have you dared to become weirder, or to take a counter-cultural stand?

I started studying Astrology in 2010 as a way to understand the inner turmoil and unrest I was feeling as a stay-at-home Mom and wife. Lyndon was in nursery school and I was feeling lonely and unfulfilled. That year I also started working outside the home, first part-time and then full-time. In the last eight years Uranus joined with my Ascendant, moon and Chiron. I do feel different now and more willing to show up even if I might get rejected. I've accepted a broader definition of who I am and have dared to explore and share more of my inner life and creativity. Maybe it's age, and maybe I've internalized a little more of the Uranian who-gives-a-crap-what-people-say detachment and openness to shake-ups. I'm not fully there, but I'm trying. I hope that the ways I've grown and asserted myself will prepare me for changes and breakthroughs in the next 8 years in Taurus areas -- for me the second house of money and self-worth.

Where does Taurus fall in your birth chart? Where does Aries?

By all means, learn about and explore the combination of Taurus and Uranus archetypes to anticipate what could be stirring for the next cycle. But also look back and within. For all its positive associations, the joining of Uranus and Aries also symbolized trauma survival. In the past eight years, all of us have survived some unexpected trauma or loss. Our bodies, resources, nature, and certain loving relationships somehow sustained us. As you usher in the Taurus new moon, take some time to see and feel the power and stability of everything that helped you endure.

Today we begin again in the dark, as we began in the womb so many years before. Try to ground yourself in peace and openness to all that's building.



Being your own boss: The moon in Capricorn

Today the moon is in Capricorn, the sign of self-discipline, integrity, and mastery. Today is a chance to integrate what we’ve been working hard at with how we truly feel.

Check in with yourself. Give yourself a progress report. What are your greatest accomplishments? Has anything been exhausting you lately? Are you sticking with it because it’s important to you or because of a “should” you’ve outgrown?

Sometimes we have no control. Life is simply sad or hard, and we react humanly rather than stoically. We get worn down. We lose hope. We’re stopped in our tracks. But sometimes we stop ourselves in our tracks with fear or inertia. We lose imagination. We forget to expand.

Today the moon joins with Pluto, symbolically bringing what’s unconscious to our emotional attention. Spend some time with it, even if it’s uncomfortable. There’s something we need to see, transform, or release in order to move forward from a place of true authority and power.

Move intentionally through the day, so that you’re not overly harsh with yourself or others if you have a setback. If you experience that energy from others, know that there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. Don’t internalize crap that doesn’t belong to you. Be aware of any moments you need to draw boundaries for your own mental health and stability.

As you go through your day, work with the supporting energy of Jupiter to understand what comes up and reframe it in wisdom and hope. Hard work and focus can lead to freedom, success, and joy. But first, define what’s worth the time and effort to you.  

(Moon conjunct Pluto 2:21 p.m. EST. Moon sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 6:41 p.m.)


Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio: Looking back and then forward

It’s early morning on the east coast, and as I begin to type Venus and Jupiter are about to rise in a conjunction. This happens about once a year. The last conjunction was in Virgo in August 2016, and the next one will be in Sagittarius in January 2019.

I almost stayed in bed instead of writing today. I have to finish on a presentation when I get to work, and I imagine it will take me many hours of concentration in front of a computer screen to do. Why don’t I just rest my eyes for now and take it easy, I thought.

But then I wanted to mark the moment and the opportunity. So much has happened since August 2016.

Virgo symbolizes work, service, craft, improvement. It’s associated with health and mentoring. When Venus and Jupiter made a conjunction last year, Mercury joined them and Chiron opposed them.

Which relationships have you really invested yourself in this year? Which relationships or experiences humbled you? Which relationships reflected your own human greatness back to you? What risks did you take in connection, self-improvement or expression? How did you face or release your wounds or help others face or release theirs? Were there loved ones you had to release before you felt ready to? Did you ask for more freedom when you needed to? How did you refine your writing, your mindset or your voice? Who were your mentors? How did you step up to be useful? How did you become better? How did you adjust? When did you find peace? When did you find wisdom or joy?

Under today’s Virgo moon, try to honor your forward movement since last August. Appreciate the people who helped you in the last year. And make space for depth, transformation and honesty as you usher in today’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio.

Last year we learned, strove and were humbled. In the next year, we'll be challenged to face the vast stores of emotion and energy within all of us. How can we wisely befriend our own power? How will we be renewed?

(Virgo Moon sextile sun 1:55 a.m. EST. Venus conjunct Jupiter 3:15 a.m. Moon square Saturn 10:45 a.m. Moon void of course 10:45 a.m. to 6:26 p.m. Mercury square Neptune 5:47 p.m. Moon enters Libra 6:26 p.m.)

Adulting on your own terms: The Capricorn moon

Under yesterday’s Capricorn moon I found myself waiting. Waiting at a green light for a fire truck to cross the intersection. Waiting for the other members of a meeting to join me. I’m often the late one, the harried one. There were still hints of that as a coworker had to let me into a room with her key card. But there was also waiting and compromise. A fire truck’s emergency is more important than a quick commute home. The next green light would get me through the intersection.

A Capricorn moon is always a chance to reevaluate our approach to patience, maturity, and authority. When the other members of the meeting finally arrived I made an uncharacteristic joke: “Thank you for joining me.” They had called the meeting and were senior, so they looked confused. They didn’t laugh. But I’m 40 now, and something about saying that joke out loud made me proud. Despite the differences in rank and gender, I was an adult in the presence of adults. I was acknowledging my own authority.

As the Capricorn moon joins Pluto today, what do you see about your own authority? Which accomplishments mean most to you? Which traditional signs of status are you willing to release because they don’t fit your real values? What's your greatest legacy?

The sun will join Jupiter this afternoon, a yearly event. Please take the opportunity to reflect on risks taken in the last year. Feel them. Let them warm you. And release any shame about where you are right now. Today a new cycle begins. Feed it with hope and gratitude.

And remember that so many great things take time. 
(Moon square Venus 2:05 a.m. EDT. Moon conjunct Pluto 6:49 a.m. Sun in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter 2:09 p.m.)

Blessing what you do and how you do it: The end of Mars in Virgo

It’s tempting to slash my prices just to get the word out. It’s tempting to make myself more of a generalist and learn other metaphysical crafts. But I’m a counseling astrologer. I also have a full-time job and a family. Both compete with but ultimately inform and improve my astrology practice. I look for and offer real-life solutions. I know what it’s like to juggle. I carve out a spiritual life knowing I can’t spend a month in Tibet. The people I counsel can’t either. I’m trying to find the holy in Queens, NY, while I drive Lyndon to school and myself to work so my family has health benefits.

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Getting Back to Basics: The Waning Virgo Moon

Under today’s Virgo moon, imagine calmness in simplicity. What is the root of basic happiness for you? Which tasks or details reinforce your happiness and comfort? Which pull you away or distract you from what truly feeds and restores you?

Life is a balancing act, and there are compromises we have to make. We have to pay the rent. We have certain obligations. But a Virgo moon helps us see the holy in the obligation. If an area of your life has become too depleting or too much of a chore, can you reframe it so that it holds some satisfaction or teaching for you? Or do you need to make a change? Can you call in reinforcements?

Yesterday Venus entered Libra, where it will be until November 7th. For the next two days, use the scrutiny of the Virgo moon to examine your relationships and inner peace. See who shows up and whether you can hear a different point of view. And refine your approach to humility. Can practicing more humility help you become better and more whole? Or have you already given or done too much?

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Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Jupiter and Uranus

The moon will aspect Jupiter and Uranus today before the two planets oppose each other at 12:26 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning. Today is kind of like a dress rehearsal.

Visualize freedom and individuality today. Can the wisdom, abundance, and joy symbolized by Jupiter be as important as the liberation, revolution, and individuation of Uranus?

Most of us are probably more comfortable with one planet or the other. The opposition gives us a chance to bring them into balance again. It gives us a chance to see beyond our own viewpoint. I probably lean more toward Jupiter on a daily basis. I try to see the hope and meaning in what unfolds, with a shadow of Pollyanna-ness or preachiness. For me the challenge will be to let myself be shocked. What haven’t I been seeing because my mind was already made up? If you approach life with more of a Uranian outlook, can you let in some faith at this time? Can you find common ground with someone you might have dismissed before?

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Becoming better and real: The Virgo New Moon

Tonight Venus enters the sign of Virgo before the Virgo New Moon at 1:29 a.m. EDT.

A Virgo client of mine once told me that the question that affects her most is, “Are you real?” With five planets in earth sign Virgo, this New Moon symbolizes becoming real. It also symbolizes becoming better. Virgo is never fully satisfied, and that motivation to improve, while it helps people with strong Virgo energy do great things, can also deplete or depress them. So how do we become better and yet also more real? Why would we want to? 

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In Case You Get Cranky: The Moon in Virgo conjunct Mars and Mercury

What do you want and what do you notice? How does that make you feel? What’s your dream? Does it feel out of reach?

Today the moon entered Virgo. It will join Mars and then Mercury this afternoon, echoing themes from Saturday’s Mercury/Mars conjunction. In the evening it will oppose Neptune. When the moon is in Virgo it’s time to look at the details and be practical. But which details do we see? Do we pay attention to what strengthens and amazes us or to the roadblocks and noisy distractions? Do we really need to get away from it all or can we just use some inspiration?

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Something to think about: Mercury conjunct Mars

Today Mercury and Mars join for the third time in four months and the last time until June 2019.

The final Mercury/Mars conjunction in July 2015 was in the sign of Cancer. Protective, security-minded Cancer fueled our mindset and actions for the last two years. The winning side of the US election understood that: Build the wall. Make America Great Again. A focus on country and safety resonated. Donald Trump’s natal Mercury is in Cancer. He was naturally suited to speak directly to these themes. He noticed them. He communicated them. Hillary Clinton’s “Better together” just didn’t connect to voters’ hearts as a motivator. It wasn’t emotional enough. Even if we voted for her, her speeches and slogans didn’t touch many of us enough to care beyond our own situations and loved ones. With her natal Mercury in Scorpio, she needed to go more deeply to actually move us with her words. She finally did in her concession speech, hours too late.

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Thank heavens! Mercury stations direct

Today Mercury turns direct leading up to tomorrow morning’s full moon in Pisces.

I found myself starting the day with a Hail Mary and an Our Father. This Mercury retrograde was difficult for me. I was caught in my own head a lot, full of self-doubt, worry, and complaints. I tried to push through but I was definitely cranky. I had a short fuse.

This morning I’m mostly grateful.

Today’s a good day for dreaming and contemplation. With the moon in Pisces and the Virgo sun opposite Neptune we can be awed as well as humbled. Something has gone our way while we’ve been trudging along, attending to so many details. Something has helped us while we’ve been helping others.

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Responsibility and truth: The Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto


Lyndon and I are both writing at the dining room table. He’s writing a book report for his summer assignment and I’m writing about the day. I start a new Word document called September 2017. The empty page intimidates me. Lyndon taps his fingers. I hear a lot of erasing. This is brutal for both of us.

I take a break to see what’s happening on Instagram. That doesn’t really help. Rather than being excited for people I just feel competitive and sad. I go back to writing. Lyndon asks me whether I agree that some books shouldn’t have sequels. I ask him whether we can have that conversation after we both finish. Ten-year-old boy sound effects intermittently escape from his mouth while he writes. He apologizes.  

I think this might be the moon’s sextile to Neptune: Fogginess, dissatisfaction, a desire to escape. But the escape is not completely satisfying while the moon is in Capricorn. The work is looming and important.

Maybe today is about trying your best in real life and helping loved ones through if you can. You might not be able to help as much as you'd like to or they'd like you to. You will likely need alone time and silence today, too. 

Soon the moon will join Pluto, making escape even harder and less satisfying. This aspect is one of every month’s moments of truth. It’s heavy. It’s a time for emotional clearing.  

Try to avoid comparison with others today. Try to do something that might be hard but can only come from you. It might be more helpful or satisfying than you imagine. Start by just facing it.

(Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces 6:20 a.m. Moon conjunct Pluto 2:28 p.m.)

When the moon is in Virgo and you're cranky

When the moon is in Virgo there’s a tricky balance. On the one hand there are opportunities to be more useful or helpful, and that can feel good. We can get better at something. We can home in and make an improvement. But on the other hand we can get mired in the details or serve a person or a task so much that we get depleted ourselves.

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An Honest Look: Sun and Moon in Virgo after a Leo Eclipse and New Moon

The last two New Moons and yesterday’s solar eclipse were all in the sign of Leo. Anytime themes are repeated, the message is important. This is a time to heal the Leo archetype of simply BEING. We still need to be reminded of the dignity and greatness of who we are and what we have to share. But today’s Virgo moon and sun can help us get real about it now and get to work.

This morning the moon joined retrograde Mercury, giving us a chance to review the messages we carry. We can heal or change them if they’re just critical and not useful. We can release them if they stop us from showing up.

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Relationships and Happiness Review Time: Venus square Jupiter

Today Venus makes a closing square to Jupiter. This is a releasing aspect of a cycle that began with the conjunction August 27th of last year in Virgo and will end and begin again when they join on November 13th in Scorpio.

Now there’s a feeling of tension. Money is tight. Maybe we don’t feel so secure right now. We probably feel overextended. 

When these symbols come together, relationships, inner peace, and money combine with risk, reaching, and faith.

How does the last year measure up to your ideal? 

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Why We Might Need to Let Go: The Last Quarter Taurus Moon

Today the Taurus moon enters the last quarter phase. This phase symbolizes a time for release and catharsis. The moon enters this phase today not only with the sun but also with Mars.

Taurus doesn’t give up. Yet today we’re doubling down on release. And that paradox is why today can feel especially challenging: How does a bull change direction?

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What haven't you been seeing? The Pisces Moon opposite Mercury

If you’ve been doing work that matters to you and hopefully helps others, too, today try to see how you haven’t been alone. Whose kindness has helped you plow through? Who was generous and flexible enough to sacrifice for you -- to make what’s important to you important to them?

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Life is hard. Go for the gold anyway: The Moon in Capricorn and the Leo Sun

This morning the Capricorn moon aspected both Pluto and Jupiter, highlighting the themes of the Jupiter/Pluto square I wrote about Wednesday. This is a challenging integration: The blessing and the wound. Facing the monster for the sake of wisdom and freedom. Seeing our relationships from a place of stark reality and adulthood. Where is the hope?

Hope is there. It’s there in Neptune, the planet of divine spirit, dreams and transcendence in the sign of Pisces. We can channel incredible love, compassion, and healing right now. We have stores of imagination, inspiration, and peace. We can access miracles.

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On love and work: The moon in Capricorn

When the symbolism of Capricorn and the moon come together, the conflict of those messages comes into focus. We are worthy, we are important, and yet some of our worthiness comes from what we actually do.

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Not Putting Up With That Today: The Moon in Virgo

Today we may find ourselves measuring up to some ideal. We have to decide whether it’s OUR ideal. What’s worth our time and attention? Which critical voices are helpful in the long run and which are too stifling?

One of the first article titles that caught my eye this morning was, “What Makes a Woman ‘Wifey’ Material, According to Men”. Oh boy. Really, MSN? In 2017? Moving on to The NY Times, to enjoy my morning coffee without a dose of sexism and female infantilization.

Apparently, those are two of my buttons today. What annoys you may be different.  

Draw your boundaries today. 

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