Feelings and phases -- the Cancer moon

At 8:03 a.m. EDT the moon will change signs into Cancer. The sensitivity and intuition of Cancer are a natural fit today for people who work in helping professions. In New York many teachers start school again today. But because Cancer is so connected with home and family, we might find ourselves missing our own space or our own people.

The watery Cancer moon can help us be more creative and resourceful. The cardinal energy can help us begin projects or lead others. Some of our activities and the people we interact with will excite us. We’ll care about them. But we have to start from a place of wholeness or we’ll absorb other people’s feelings -- start with a sense of love and security or we’ll become defensive and self-protective. If you feel yourself getting moody, go back into your shell for a bit: Slip away to the bathroom or close your door or close your eyes for a moment and breathe.

The moon will make aspects to Uranus and Saturn this afternoon, reinforcing that we might need to go our own way for a bit and take a moment to steady ourselves. We might need a moment alone.

Cancer brings feelings to the surface. Some of the feelings can help us get our work done and some can get in the way. We have emotional biases we’re not even aware of. We all have a natural rhythm when it comes to our feelings, and we’ve probably inherited certain beliefs about feelings, too. If you’re around someone who is more or less emotionally demonstrative, try not to take it personally, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. Cancer energy can help us take good care of each other, but only if we’re not too pushy.

The moon rules Cancer, and the symbolism of today's Cancer moon gives us permission to shine or hide or just reflect certain parts. The mutable Virgo sun reminds us not to get stuck in just one expression or phase.