The Warrior, perfected: The Aries moon and the Virgo sun


Today the moon is in Aries. Symbolically, emotional and safety needs are tied up with confrontation.

Some questions it might help to reflect on today are:

Who needs me?

What do I need?

What’s been pissing me off?

What feels new and scary?

What excites me?

Aries is good at leadership, passion, and reaction. But without reflection Aries can be impulsive and heavy-hitting.

My natal moon is in Aries. This is why I need to wake up early every morning to write. It’s a pause – a chance to absorb a fuller picture and sit with love before I pick up my sword.

When the sun is in Virgo every year we’re learning how to be human: How to walk the earth in the very best way that we can. Today for some of us that means more assertion, for some of us that means more compassion. For all of us it’s a new behavior egged on by our emotional state.

Confrontation can be exhausting. Choose wisely. But also, don’t avoid it. My grandpa was a firefighter. My Mom, as you can tell from this picture, is a force to be reckoned with. Someone in your family or childhood showed you how to be brave and formidable. Today reflect on that legacy in you. Feel the love along with the fight. See where it's still necessary. 

And then in your own way -- humbly and purposefully -- adjust that sword, but carry it forward yourself.