The moon in Capricorn: Lucy on Responsibility


“Responsibility is the ability to respond.”
Lucille Ball

Wedged between Saturn and Pluto, the Capricorn moon today might feel heavy. We could be more aware of limitations and loss, age and death, sadness and shadow.

Capricorn, Saturn, and Pluto all bring up issues of control.

And who knows what we can control, really? I can control what I do – to some extent, based on the options I have as someone who is fillintheblank. I can control what I say always, whether or not I actually do. But I can’t control the effects of my actions. I can’t control how people will hear or take my words. To some extent, that’s pretty depressing. It can make me want to give up.

So today Lucy’s words help me. Just respond. Maybe breathe before you do, maybe pray before you do, but show up somehow today and respond. Not the way you always have, not based on anyone’s expectations, but from the steady rhythm and knowing wisdom of your heart.