What do you really believe?


Today the moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, quest, meaning, and expansion. Sagittarius is the sign opposite Gemini, and the two help each other: Gemini asking new questions, Sagittarius trying to connect the dots. When the moon is in a sign it can be a good opportunity to reflect and modulate.

I was reading that Elon Musk, the Chairman and CEO of Tesla, is stressed and exhausted by his work demands and schedule, which sometimes reaches 120 hours a week. There are only 168 hours in a week. That kind of singular focus helps us achieve something monumental. But it can also deplete us of joy and drive.

Steven Forrest links the low expression of Sagittarius to the phrase, “Sometimes wrong but never in doubt.” It’s hard for me to admit that side of Sagittarius. I have four planets in it. I only want to see the bright side of Sadge. But that quality of faith and being sure needs new information to stay honest and true. Sometimes I’m sure the next turn is a left until Lang points out it’s actually a right. Sometimes I’m sure I have no other options until my Mom asks, “Well what about…?” And sometimes I’m sure I’m failing at everything until Lyndon tells me I’m doing a great job and looks at me with a pained expression, knowing I just don’t see what he sees. In those moments it’s only because I love him and I want to show him how smart and sweet he is that I can even bring myself to try.

If you find yourself stressed and exhausted today, look to see if there’s something you’re overdoing just because you’ve become convinced that you should. If you’re bored or depleted, try to welcome a new adventure or a new vision that can just get you going.

The best of Sagittarius – faith, reaching, meaning, and hope – can come from inside us, but it can also come from outside. Sometimes the biggest risk we can take is to let in the input of those who know and love us best.

So try to be a little more open today. In a kind or quiet moment, you maybe, possibly, might just find the truth.