A Way Forward: Venus in Libra


The prevailing energy in the sky right now is fixed and cardinal. Five planetary bodies are in fixed signs and four are in cardinal signs. Only Neptune is in the mutable sign of Pisces right now, being all flexible and receptive. The rest of the sky is staying the course or breaking new ground.

Of the four cardinal planets right now, three are retrograde, putting some brakes on the acceleration. I love cardinal energy. I love action and newness. I’m good in that space. I’m not as good at simply sticking things out. So I’ve been struggling with all this retrograde and fixed energy. It feels like a big, exhausting hike to nowhere.

So what can we do? If you’re comfortable in the fixed sphere, enjoy. If you like the retrograde energy of introspection and revision, have at it. But if you’ve been itching to get going, Venus can help.

I was in a rut two days ago, bored and depleted. I had been setting my alarm earlier to write before work and sleeping through my alarm instead. What was the point of writing? Who even cared? What did it even accomplish? Lang gave me some perspective: It helped my mood when I wrote. Maybe it helped other people. Maybe just getting my astrology out more would lead to something eventually. But staying in bed and sleeping probably wouldn’t. And I listened to him with an assface, annoyed, because a part of me only knew how to be fixed in my own bad mood for now. But another part of me saw that he was trying to connect and get through to me. And so I begrudgingly asked for his help. I hadn’t been motivated or able to get out of bed early enough on my own to face anything but work. I was rewarding myself with sleep but in the end that only made me sadder. So for the past two days Lang’s made it his mission to wake me up early to write. And that show of support has probably calmed me just as much as writing has. It was just too hard to start alone.

Venus in the cardinal sign of Libra can help you get going if you reach out to someone. There’s something you need to think or talk through for a greater sense of peace. We can’t do Venus work alone unless we’re a Zenlike Ninja artist like Bob Ross. He might have been able to work out Venus and Libra issues alone with his paints. But even he had us to speak to while he was doing it. In that shared space serenity and beauty are born.

And so if you’re feeling stuck or unsettled today, reach out. Pray, call a friend, write an email, but air out some of your troubles so you can move forward if you need to – in peace.