Getting back on track, but differently

A photo I took in Barcelona, 2014

A photo I took in Barcelona, 2014


Today Mercury joins with the south node and we can change the way we process what we notice, freeing us up to move in different ways.

In astrology the south node is a place of wounding that we carry from our past. When Mercury joins with it in Aquarius, people might lash out unexpectedly from a place of wounding. Will we get hooked or triggered? Will we get pulled back into old scripts?

Mercury famously can be a trickster. Today we might take in messages or even express ourselves in ways that no longer serve us, feeding our sense of isolation, rejection, and despair. That option is available to us. Don’t fall for it.  There’s enough room for all of us. You don’t have to go away, or hide, or fit into a mold that oppresses you or simply no longer fits.

Today’s a little like getting back on a bike to ride again for the first time after many years. You know how to do it, but it’s a little scary, and it’s not as automatic as when you were little. You have to pay more attention. You’re not the same person and it’s gonna look and feel a little differently this time around. That’s OK.

Keep trying, remember to have fun, and every now and then, look up to notice who else might be taking a risk and trying a new way forward, too.

(Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars 1:39 a.m. EST. Mercury conjunct south node in Aquarius 8:32 a.m. Moon square Neptune 11:03 a.m. Moon sextile Mercury 3:32 p.m.)