Shining through the fog: The Leo moon and Pisces sun


Today try to leave a personal expression of yourself out there today.

You may not want to. I didn’t want to. With five planets in water signs right now and the sun approaching Neptune, things feel a little foggy. What’s the point? Someone else will say something, share something, create something. It’s all good. I’ll just be over here watching my favorite show.

But the Leo moon invites us to show up.  And if we do take that risk, we find ourselves comforted. We  let go of something we didn’t even know we were still carrying. We learn something new about ourselves, love, and God. And we find the point after all.

So first, try. And if you notice others trying today, let them know that you see them, and you understand.

(Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn 5:20 a.m. EST.