Being where you are: The moon in Virgo

Roo at 101, Lyndon at 2

Roo at 101, Lyndon at 2


Today the moon is in Virgo, the sign of mutable earth.

I was thinking about nature interacting with its surroundings – a flower responding to water or to the sun, to conditions from harsh to ideal. My plants perking back up every time I think I’ve finally killed them.

And then I thought about us, and how hard it is to be a changing, living thing interacting with the outside world. What we meet each day can nourish or devastate us, and yet somehow the contract of living things is to face the unpredictable. How very incredible. How brave and astounding.

And so today, if you can fix, improve, or simply do something that matters to you, do it. Virgo is associated with being productive. If you can help another being in need, help. Virgo is associated with being of service. And if changes are coming at you too quickly and overwhelmingly, take some time to recover, gently and with compassion. Above all, Virgo is associated with being human.