When you realize you've been stuck: The Leo moon and the Aquarius sun

Today I’m thinking of the qualities of the Aquarius sun and the Leo moon: Fixed air and fixed fire.

I caught myself holding my breath yesterday. I was walking quickly to my job from several blocks away, where I had found parking. I was worried I’d be late. I decided to jog instead, clumsily, in knee-high boots, trying to avoid patches of ice. I took huge breaths as I did, partly because I’m out of shape, and partly because I made myself. Getting to work on time didn’t matter to me as much as remembering to breathe did. It felt so good to take deep breaths.

As the moon spends its final hours in Leo today, think about where you may have become fixed in air or in fire. Try not to judge yourself – just observe.

Is my breath caught inside me right now? How about my ideas or words?

Is passion stuck inside me? How about anger or love?

Yesterday’s full moon and eclipse carry themes of opposites that can be remedies. Something outside of us – an outer situation or another person – can show us either how we’ve become stuck or what’s truly worth sticking out. Did anything come up for you?

This morning I’ve been practicing breathwork. It’s making me aware of the anxiety and fear I’ve been holding onto.

I can get fixed in a way of thinking or expressing myself. In this moment I’m wondering how I can start to become more fixed in curiosity or vulnerability instead.