My Little Boy's Last First Day of Grammar School: The Moon in Pisces and Aries

Lyndon today; with Emily; Busola; Mrs. Ickowics; With Jake

Lyndon today; with Emily; Busola; Mrs. Ickowics; With Jake


Dear Lyndon,

I’m proud of you.

I’m sad on this first day of fifth grade, your last year at this school. When you started in kindergarten we were such a duo. It broke your heart to get on the bus and leave me. Emily, three years older, sat next to you each morning and tried to soothe you. Her mother made her, but she didn’t mind. She told us she used to be scared, too. Your class partner Busola held your hand through the hallways and toughly warded off anyone who asked why you were crying. “He misses his Mommy.” She said it staccato -- a statement and a dare. Busola was OK with your crying. In nursery school an older boy used to creep up behind you and whisper a taunting “Bayyy-bee” into your ear when he saw you cry, and sometimes even when he didn’t. But in this new school Busola’s bouncing braids were a crown, and she established a new rule for both of us: You were safe in school.

Emily graduated and Busola moved. And the little boy you were paired with for the March of Dimes walk around your schoolyard that first September is now your best friend, Jake. I’m grateful to all three of them, and so many more – the Moms who’ve fed you snacks on class trips, the teachers who’ve made you smile. Above all I’m grateful to you for trying your best every day.

You often ask me about the moon before you go to school, because even though you’re bigger and calmer now you can still use a little inspiration. This morning the moon is in Pisces, and when the morning bell rings it will change to Aries. You’re surrounded by love and prayers. All will be well. Be at peace and then be brave.

Daddy wakes you up and I hear you say to him with surprise, “I’m not crying today.” I realize I am. But I’ll get through just as you always did. I love you, Lyndon. Have a great day.

(Moon void of course in Pisces until 8:01 a.m. EDT. Moon enters Aries at 8:01.)