The Full Moon in Pisces: Are you comforted or creeped out?

Two hours before it was officially full, the Pisces moon joined Neptune.

Two symbols of sensitivity, intuition, compassion, kindness, inspiration, love, and creativity came together. Also, two symbols of madness and delusion. Either way you look at it, last night they opposed the Virgo sun.

The full moon can be an unsettling time. We’re seeing more. It’s right before us. And symbolically, comfort is really far away.

If you have children starting school this week, be especially sensitive. The full moon can seem like an either/or situation, and with Virgo/Pisces one of the options is work. If your children love structure, challenge, and work, that could be exciting. But if your children love downtime, having to give up their freedom can seem scary and overwhelming. Try to empathize. Help them visualize what could go right, too. Help them see the balance.

And the same goes for you. If you have a reality check or something to face that’s uncomfortable or scary, try to encourage yourself through it. Reach out to a kind friend who can give you a pep talk. Pray. Put on a song that will help your mindset.

Invite inspiration and formlessness to cocreate with you today. And if signs of madness or chaos out in the world upset you, try not to let them overpower you. Look for your role and try to release what’s out of your control. 

Consider what's meaningful and worthy of action today and do what you can, asking faith and peace to help ground you.

(Moon conjunct Pisces 1:06 a.m. EDT. Full moon 3:06 a.m. Moon sextile Pluto 8:39 a.m. Moon square Saturn 4:28 p.m.)