Thank heavens! Mercury stations direct

Full Moon, Tao Lengyue

Full Moon, Tao Lengyue

Today Mercury turns direct leading up to tomorrow morning’s full moon in Pisces.

I found myself starting the day with a Hail Mary and an Our Father. This Mercury retrograde was difficult for me. I was caught in my own head a lot, full of self-doubt, worry, and complaints. I tried to push through but I was definitely cranky. I had a short fuse.

This morning I’m mostly grateful.

Today’s a good day for dreaming and contemplation. With the moon in Pisces and the Virgo sun opposite Neptune we can be awed as well as humbled. Something has gone our way while we’ve been trudging along, attending to so many details. Something has helped us while we’ve been helping others.

We’re not finished with our work. But this full moon we can find inspiration again. If we pull the lens back we can see where we fit into the world. We may also see what we have to surrender or release. That’s the challenge of tomorrow’s full moon. While we dream bigger about the work we’re here to do, are we OK with not having full control? Can letting go help us become more grounded, giving, and real?

Today prayer and gratitude can just feel good. Om. Thank you. It all works. The important thing is remembering you have a spirit and source today that’s vast and loving and good. It’s had your back this whole time and it will going forward, too.

(Moon opposite Mars 1:15 a.m. EDT. Sun opposite Neptune 1:27 a.m. Moon enters Pisces 1:28 a.m. Mars enters Virgo 5:34 a.m. Mercury stationary direct 7:29 a.m.)