When your words surprise even you: Aquarius moon and yesterday's Mercury/Mars conjunction


Did anyone else feel mentally drained yesterday?

As Mercury and Mars joined in Leo I decided not to write. I was feeling a little overexposed and wanted some privacy. I thought, “Oh, OK. Mars wants me to have a boundary today with my words and point of view. I guess this is how it’s playing out.” These are the kind of thoughts I have throughout a day. But then the Aquarius moon opposed Venus and I got into a fight on Facebook. I had been scrolling nonchalantly through a discussion on a friend’s page when I noticed that someone had typed an offensive, inaccurate statement about two groups of people followed by “F--- off.” It was hard to unsee what was in front of me and impossible to keep quiet after all. No, you don’t get to cling to hateful language unchallenged just because it upsets you to be censored or it’s uncomfortable to evolve. That’s what the angry voice in my head said. The angry voice in my head is very judge-y. I tried to express it more civilly. (I didn’t fully succeed. Some judge-y slipped out.) But I felt compelled to have the confrontation. There wasn’t anyone else stepping up. “I guess we’re going in” said my inner Mars and Mercury. For a little while it got ugly. But it ended, and we both got through.

Should I have bothered? I don’t know. I think we both learned from the exchange. It was disorienting and exhausting as hell. Still, I think it would have felt worse to stay out of it.

Did you also find yourself on the offensive or the defensive yesterday, or both? What triggered you? Why was it so important? Did anger reveal anything to you yesterday? Was ego or dignity a factor in any of your confrontations?

The moon is still in Aquarius today. We may still come across as unpredictable. We’re probably very aware of what feels stifling, oppressive, or unfair. We may still want to have the fight.

Honor the need to be yourself. But also try to leave room for space, curiosity, and originality in your interactions today. We may be able to find common ground and mutual respect even with differences of opinion. We may not. Just try your best and at some point today surround yourself with easy company that helps you feel good. Sometimes we also need a break.

(Moon sextile Saturn in Sagittarius 9:03 am. Moon trine Jupiter in Libra 11:44 a.m. Moon sextile Uranus in Aries 9:55 p.m. Moon opposite Mercury in Leo 10:32 p.m.)