Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Jupiter and Uranus

The moon will aspect Jupiter and Uranus today before the two planets oppose each other at 12:26 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning. Today is kind of like a dress rehearsal.

Visualize freedom and individuality today. Can the wisdom, abundance, and joy symbolized by Jupiter be as important as the liberation, revolution, and individuation of Uranus?

Most of us are probably more comfortable with one planet or the other. The opposition gives us a chance to bring them into balance again. It gives us a chance to see beyond our own viewpoint. I probably lean more toward Jupiter on a daily basis. I try to see the hope and meaning in what unfolds, with a shadow of Pollyanna-ness or preachiness. For me the challenge will be to let myself be shocked. What haven’t I been seeing because my mind was already made up? If you approach life with more of a Uranian outlook, can you let in some faith at this time? Can you find common ground with someone you might have dismissed before?

The shadow of this time and the last hours of the Sagittarius moon is extremism. Try to understand this moment as an opportunity both for you individually and for all of us collectively. No wonder we’re all so passionate right now. There’s work we need to do. But if we can remove some of our blind spots we can get down to it with more power and clarity. Can we stand outside our chosen belief system or comfortable group long enough to gain breakthrough and understanding?

Under this afternoon’s Capricorn moon, take time to be alone and silent. Steady yourself. Take a break from all the emotion of this time and do a meaningful task. And remember to keep integrity and patience close by as the way ahead comes into greater focus. Try to be a good example.

(Moon square Mercury 2:10 a.m. EDT. Moon sextile Jupiter 6:46 a.m. Moon trine Uranus 7:08 a.m. Moon void of course 7:08 a.m. until 12:23 p.m. Moon enters Capricorn 12:23 p.m. Moon square sun 10:53 p.m.)