Beyond our limited understanding: The moon in Sagittarius

"Black Rock with Blue Sky and White Clouds" by Georgia O'Keefe

"Black Rock with Blue Sky and White Clouds" by Georgia O'Keefe


The moon is in Sagittarius today. How can faith and a sense of reaching and expansion help you today? What meaning or philosophy might bring you focus and peace?

Sagittarius energy lends itself to exaggeration, so the Virgo planets squaring the moon and Saturn give a helpful reality check. Has something in your life or in your point of view become out of control or overblown? Noticing a new detail or approaching a task or a conversation with humility or practicality can help bring us back to the moment.

At the same time, seeing beyond what worries or upsets us can ground us in wisdom and optimism. What excites you? What feels abundant in your life right now? If things could be better, can you coach yourself through or let in the love of someone who believes in you?

Try not to get too entrenched in opinion or too attached to being right today. The symbolism of the next two days is about restoring our faith, even through tension. Can we stay curious, even though we feel impassioned or absolutely sure about something? Can we stay kind?

“Always. Never. Should.” As Jupiter moves toward an exact opposition to Uranus on Thursday, try to let your relationships breathe. Expect some unpredictability and shock. We’re all experiencing this axis of self-assertion and neediness. We could be tempted to control or to flee. We could be really harsh. Look for a better balance instead. Look for a more powerful center. This push can help us if we keep perspective.

Try to leave room for “Maybe. Could be. I hope.”

(Moon sextile sun 4:57 a.m. EDT. Mercury in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius 10:35 a.m. Moon square Venus in Virgo 1:54 p.m)