Love and reaching: The moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra


What does it mean to have the symbol of unconditional love and healing come together with the symbol of boundless reaching and faith? How might they be playing out for you in this moment?

Today the moon joined Jupiter for the last time in the sign of Libra until September 2028. They’ve come together 14 times since Jupiter entered Libra in September 2016, slightly more than once a month.

This afternoon the sun also enters Libra, the sign of harmony, serenity, balance, relationship. Libra is associated with art, beauty, justice, and connection. But those lovely goals are not the easiest to achieve. They require compromise, conversation, and a tolerance of paradox. They require vulnerability and an openness to being changed and enhanced by something outside ourselves. Since Jupiter entered Libra last September, we’ve likely all had to stretch or have faith in these areas. There were probably times we had to compromise more than we wanted to or to give more than we could. And by now we might just feel depleted.

Today, notice your victories. Admire your starts. And try to find meaning in the ways that you’ve allowed yourself to change. Was it worth it? Have you gained more balance than you had a year ago? Have you made peace with more shades of grey? Have you risked more in your art or in the ways you've loved?

These days the world can use more beauty, peace, and tolerance for paradox. In this Libran month ahead, try to let what you’ve learned during the Jupiter in Libra cycle shine out more from your core identity. Probably it won’t always be easy. So take time today to reflect on what those lessons really meant to you and how it might help you to give them new life.

(Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra 6:26 a.m. EDT. Moon opposite Uranus in Aries 9:04 a.m. Moon void of course 9:04 a.m. to 1:49 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio 1:39 p.m. Mercury trine Pluto 2:01 p.m. Sun enters Libra 4:01 p.m. Moon sextile Venus 8:34 p.m.)