Two days ago Lyndon came to me with a very serious face. His lip alternated between quivering and set. He told me he had something to say.

“I don’t usually fight my punishments, but this time I feel I have to….”

The day before, we had realized Lyndon wasn't reading any of the assigned summer books. He wasn’t even sure which books he was supposed to be reading or where the assignment sheet was. For twenty minutes we frantically searched for it. Lang found it behind the desk in Lyndon’s room. We ordered the books on Kindle and set a schedule for Lyndon to finish two book reports and one project before school starts. Lang and I were really annoyed. Now that Lyndon’s going into fifth grade we don’t want to be this involved in his schoolwork. We gave him a lecture on responsibility and told him that he couldn’t watch TV or play video games until the schoolwork was done. He agreed. He immediately started reading.

By the next evening he had finished one and a half books. It was almost bedtime and he wanted to watch ten minutes of football with his father. It meant enough to him that he felt compelled to approach me.

He’d done a lot of work in one day. And his biggest advantages as a kid are that his Dad’s a softie and his Mom’s an astrologer. Lang naturally doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but I do. I can be strict. But the longer I practice astrology the more unconventionally I parent Lyndon, guided by both of our birth charts. A major theme in Lyndon’s chart is that he’s learning to become his own authority. So when he’s brave enough to assert himself like that I have to ask myself whether he’s right.

Other parents do this naturally. But it’s hard for me. I can get caught in power struggles and principle. Remembering Lyndon’s chart helps me be less rigid in my position and more open to what he has to say. That day I was most aware of his Mars in Capricorn and sun in Aquarius. I was proud of his courage and independence. Ultimately I’m here to help him grow, not to be right myself.

Lang and I let him watch ten minutes of football.

Today has some of that energy: Responsibility versus breaking out; hearing and having a rebel voice. But the moon is in the Waxing Gibbous phase of partnership. And so themes of compromise, help and engagement with others are also at play, challenging the normal Capricorn/Aquarius moon energy that can want to go its own way. Today we need each other, too.

Look for signs of integrity and originality in yourself and your loved ones, and see what you can achieve by meeting in the middle without compromising anybody’s freedom, essence or power.

The caption for this photo from Stuart Ringholt's 2011 exhibit in Sydney reads: "The artist will be naked. Those who wish to join the tour must also be naked." Today will go more smoothly if you remember to meet people humbly and honestly, as equals. A sense of humor won't hurt, either.

(Mars in Leo trine Uranus in Aries 8:13 a.m. EDT. Capricorn moon square Uranus in Aries 12:29 p.m. Moon void of course 12:29p.m. to 4:06 p.m. Moon enters Aquarius 4:06 p.m.)