In Case You Get Cranky: The Moon in Virgo conjunct Mars and Mercury

What do you want and what do you notice? How does that make you feel? What’s your dream? Does it feel out of reach?

Today the moon entered Virgo. It will join Mars and then Mercury this afternoon, echoing themes from Saturday’s Mercury/Mars conjunction. In the evening it will oppose Neptune. When the moon is in Virgo it’s time to look at the details and be practical. But which details do we see? Do we pay attention to what strengthens and amazes us or to the roadblocks and noisy distractions? Do we really need to get away from it all or can we just use some inspiration?

What’s imperfect in ourselves and others is enough to make us cranky and irritable any day. But today the struggle is especially real.

Keep God or your higher power close. Talk to God. Fight with or complain to the universe if you have to. Let it out. But then take a moment to find peace, too. Notice something that’s so beautiful it must be a sign of hope.

(Venus in Leo trine Uranus in Aries 12:26 a.m. EDT. Moon in Virgo. Moon conjunct Mars 3:47 p.m. Moon conjunct Mercury 7:19 p.m. Moon opposite Neptune 10:46 p.m.)