Something to think about: Mercury conjunct Mars

The Women's March on Washington 2017. In the background, two symbols of Mercury and Mars: A mouth and a fist. 

The Women's March on Washington 2017. In the background, two symbols of Mercury and Mars: A mouth and a fist. 


Today Mercury and Mars join for the third time in four months and the last time until June 2019.

The final Mercury/Mars conjunction in July 2015 was in the sign of Cancer. Protective, security-minded Cancer fueled our mindset and actions for the last two years. The winning side of the US election understood that: Build the wall. Make America Great Again. A focus on country and safety resonated. Donald Trump’s natal Mercury is in Cancer. He was naturally suited to speak directly to these themes. He noticed them. He communicated them. Hillary Clinton’s “Better together” just didn’t connect to voters’ hearts as a motivator. It wasn’t emotional enough. Even if we voted for her, her speeches and slogans didn’t touch many of us enough to care beyond our own situations and loved ones. With her natal Mercury in Scorpio, she needed to go more deeply to actually move us with her words. She finally did in her concession speech, hours too late.

The Mercury/Mars cycle that begins today is in the sign of Virgo. Virgo the helper, the craftsperson, the mentor. Virgo the sign of service, work, and improvement. I suspect that Virgo Senator Bernie Sanders’ agenda may get more steam in the next two years. Virgo is associated with health, and I imagine that will come to the forefront of our minds as a nation now. How do we improve healthcare? How do we help and fight for those who are at risk? How can we be smarter in our actions? The tone may get more critical, but hopefully it will push us forward.

But beyond politics, what about us?

Over the past two years we’ve all become more aware of our vulnerability in some way. How did that change us? How did we act? Did what we notice help us heal and move forward, or did it make us more guarded? Did our voice both soften and strengthen or did it clam up or shut out, and why? What motivated us most?

Now we can adjust and improve. Form some Mercury/Mars intentions for the next two years. What's your most important message? What do you really want to do?

If you know your birth chart, reflect on your natal Mercury and Mars today. Consider how the next two years can help you hone the natal potential of your mind and voice and your will and action. Seek humility and helpfulness while you pursue excellence, but don’t let worry or self-criticism overtake you. And remember to cut your fellow travelers a break, too. In this cycle our power is connected to our humanity and our willingness to learn.

(Moon in Leo. Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo 3:01 p.m. EDT.)