The Cancer moon changes to Leo: Take time to Love and create


Take time to be creative today. Take time to notice the ones you love. When I took these photos of Elena at our home this weekend, part of me thought, “Should Lang really be having Elena's baby dolls box each other?” But when I uploaded the photos this morning I saw how his silliness broke the ice and made her happy and comfortable.

Instead of judging what you see today, see if it can inspire and teach you different ways to love and be loved.

(Moon sextile sun 8:59 a.m. EDT. Moon square Jupiter 12:18 p.m. Venus in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra 3:43 p.m. Moon square Uranus in Aries 5:23 p.m. Moon void of course 5:23 to 9:08 p.m. Moon enters Leo 9:08 p.m.)