Releasing love: The waning Cancer moon

Today the moon is in Cancer, the sign the moon rules.

Over my pajamas I’m wearing a shawl a Cancerian friend gave me. It feels like a hug. She cleaned my house every week for the past two years, and the days we walked back into our home after she’d performed her magic, the three of us would spontaneously sigh and say “Thank you!” to her into the air. We could feel her love and care. Sometimes before she came I would text her a warning, “This week it’s really bad! I’m so sorry!” She’d respond, “Tranquila.” Calm down. Relax. It’s OK.

I have shame attached to the fact that I hate cooking and cleaning. I wish I were better at them and I wish I enjoyed them. I hear other women talk with pride about the meal they cooked or the spring cleaning they did, and I feel like an alien. I think I’m doing a crappy job as a Mom and wife. But now balancing out my own self-judgment is my friend’s sweet voice: “Tranquila.” So kind and nurturing, making it OK to be me.

When my friend called to tell me she accepted a full-time job and wouldn’t be able to clean our house, I could hear her worry and sadness. But she set up her cousin to take her place, someone we already know and trust. Yesterday she sent her cousin for the first time. We came home to gifts my friend had asked her cousin to bring us, including this shawl.

Today I want to thank the people with Cancer suns, moons, Ascendants, or other significant Cancer placements for the healing work you do, in whichever walk or profession. Your love and care changes situations and other people’s hearts more than you might know. On the other hand, the part of you that does know and takes on other people's feelings could keep you stuck taking care of them, not being fed or nurtured yourself.

During the waning moon cycle until the New Moon on September 20th, there may be situations or people you need to release in some way. Let your strong intuition guide you. The change could be good for everyone, even if it’s scary or sad right now. We'll all be OK. Tranquila.

(Moon sextile Mars in Virgo 3:47 a.m. EDT. Moon trine Neptune 3:31 p.m. Moon opposite Pluto in
Capricorn 10:50 p.m.)