Two challenging days: Back-to-back T-squares

Yesterday there was a T-square involving the Gemini moon, the Virgo sun, and Pisces Neptune.

From “The T-Square is an aspect figure which is formed when two planets in opposition (i.e. 180 degrees apart) are both squared by a third planet. Both these aspects are considered to be so-called "hard" or "disharmonious" aspects, and the T-square intensifies this quality which makes it… challenging…. The third planet is the focal point of the figure and could be said to carry the tension of the two planets… in opposition.”

Several hours of my day revolved around the fact that Lyndon’s bus drove right past him yesterday morning. The driver whizzed by three minutes early without stopping, never noticing that Lang and Lyndon were standing there, waiting. Neptune: the planet of fogginess and invisibility.

Calls to the school, the bus company, and the Office of Pupil Transportation followed. The bus schedule has never been ideal. As it stands there is no possible way the driver can get the children to school in time. But our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. I suspect that yesterday the driver was on a mission to defy the odds, leaving Lyndon and my friend’s son behind. (Sam was left behind at the following stop. The driver picked up Sam’s older brother, who was standing there, but left Sam, who was trailing a few steps behind with their Grandma.) What a mess. In trying to address the problem, sometimes I remained detached. Sometimes I was overbearing. And sometimes I was able to integrate that Gemini moon in a positive way, listening and remaining open while still communicating my practical needs and concerns with compassion. Sometimes. I’d give myself an 85 overall. I’m human. Carrying the tension of the sun and Neptune was the moon: My emotions and the fact that I’m a Mom. Enough was enough.

A more positive manifestation of the T-square was that my (Gemini) brother came to my house so I could help him record a piece he wrote about his experience of mental illness. After we recorded it he decided not to enter the spoken word contest he originally intended to, because doing so would transfer the rights of his work to the contest. But he still wanted to share his piece, so we posted it on Youtube. That was the Shaman moon, helping me enter Rich’s deep journey for a moment so that he can release his voice and work as a blessing to others.

The T-square helps us get things done.

Today there’s another T-square, involving the sun, the moon, and Saturn in Sagittarius. I suspect rather than invisible or anchorless we may feel limited in some way. Yesterday’s challenge or remedy was to incorporate a little hope into the equation – the Sagittarian counterpoint to the Gemini moon. Today’s will be compassion, prayer, and an understanding of space and the oneness that connects us: The Piscean counterpoint to the Virgo sun.

Honoring the Virgo sun at the center of the T-square today, do your best to shine and to express humility but competence and skill. And know that today is a bit of a dance. Hang in there.

(Moon square sun 2:24 a.m. EDT. Moon opposite Saturn 3:46 a.m. Moon sextile Venus 4:25 a.m. Moon trine Jupiter 8:43 a.m. Moon sextile Uranus 2:35 p.m. Gemini moon void of course 2:35 to 6:12 p.m. Moon enters Cancer 6:12 p.m. Sun square Saturn 10:58 p.m.)