When the Gemini Moon goes deeper: Moon square Neptune

Today try to speak with confident humility and to listen with compassion. The Gemini Messenger Moon wants to learn and teach, to amaze and be amazed; yet in a Waning Gibbous or Shaman phase with the Virgo sun, our engagement with others becomes deeper. How can what we already know help others? How can what they know help us? What can we learn or experience together?

Humor can help you connect with another person today, but so can openness and empathy. And if you’re facing something that worries or scares you, pray or form an intention first. Look for signs to show you you’re safe and blessed, even if you’re someplace new.

(Moon square Neptune in Sagittarius 12:52 p.m. EDT. Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius 8:49 p.m.)